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Terence Bell

2012 Year in Review Pt. 1

By December 30, 2012

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So-called 'year-in-reviews' are always fun because they offer a chance to sit down - perhaps with a drink - and reminisce over another year that seemed to fly by.

My posts this year covered a range of metals year in review 2012metals-related topics, but one theme that prevailed through a number was the role of metals in technologies that are shaping our future. And there is probably no better example of this than the metals used to construct the Mars Rover Curiosity.

From the aluminum and titanium used to construct Curiousity's frame and wheels, to the metalloids used in the photovoltaic cells used for power generation and the tantalum capacitors helping to power the Chemcam laser module, Curiosity truly exhibits a wealth of metals-related technological innovations.

Coming back to earth, another technology-related post looked at medical stents, an innovation critical for those suffering from stenosis - restricted or blocked blood circulation.

Medical stents are tubes that are inserted into arteries, blood vessels and other passages to prevent and counteract the constricted flow of fluids.

Critical in the metal alloys used to make medical stents is molybdenum, a metal whose properties include bio-compatibility, strength, corrosion resistance and relatively low cost.

Other posts that looked at metals-related technologies that are shaping our life in the 21st century include:



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