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How To Fill Out Form W-4

Material Properties & Data Alloy and Trade Name Technical Properties
Get information on over 6,000 metals and alloys from MaterialNet's technical property database. Search by alloy or trade name, chemical composition or properties required.

Coefficient of Thermal Expansion of Metals
Comparison chart listing the coeficients for various metals and other materials.

Copper Standards & Properties
Excellent source of copper data and specification info published by the the Copper Development Association (CDA). Get alloy properties, corrosion info, application info, metallurgy, US & EU specs and cross references on alloys from C101-C997.

Corrosion Information from_about.gif (913 bytes)
Information about corrosion of materials, and corrosion prevention methods from Dr. Bernhard Spang, your About.com guide to chemical engineering.

Density of Metals for Casting
Charts listing the solid & liquid densities of aluminum, copper, cast iron, magnesium and lead alloys. LM0 through L155, PB4 through SCB4, CMA1, gunmetal, bearing bronze, grey irons, ductile irons, MAG 6TE through ZE63, and Pb to Pb-9Sb.

Electrical Conductivity of Metals
Complete chart of the relative conductivity of metals and the temperature coefficient of resistance for various metals from aluminum to zinc. Originally published in American Metal Market's annual Metal Statistics book.

Electrical Resistivity of Materials
Chart showing the electrical resistivity of metals, semiconductors and insulators in ohm-meters. Data provided courtecy of MIT and Reade Advanced Materials.

General Engineering Material Properties
Table of data on metals & other materials such as composites, concrete, and epoxies. Offers material densities, elastic modulus, electrical resistivity, heat capacity, thermal conductivity, thermal expansion, and more.

Hardness Conversion Chart
Cross reference of hardness numbers for the Brinell, Rockwell B-Scale, Rockwell C-Scale and approximate tensile.

International Metal Designations - Equivalency Chart
Equivalent international designation systems for various metals including aluminum alloys, copper alloys, ferrous metals, nickel alloys and titanium. Cross reference UNS, ASTM, AMS, BS, DTH, AFNOR, DIN specifications for various alloys.

MIL-HDBK-5H: Metallic Materials for Aerospace Vehicle Structures
Military handbook maintained by the U.S. Government Department of Defense and Federal Aviation Administration. Available to view in pdf format.

MSDS Search 2000
FREE online Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) library. A single contact point for suppliers and users of MSDS sheets such as manufacturers, distributors, customers, transporters, and emergency services. The first place to look for an MSDS.

Material Properties Database @ Metal Suppliers Online
Searchable database of material property data categorized by mechanical, physical or chemical properties. Also searchable by alloy type. Site offers trade name lists, spec. info, hardness charts, calculators and reference tools.

>Material Properties Database @ Purchasing Online
Simple easy to understand database of material properties on most popular alloys from aluminum to zinc. Information such as chemical and physical data, applications for materials, machineability info and more.

Extensive site for metal information and suppliers. Offers a huge FREE materials information database with property data on over 21,000 materials including metals, plastics, ceramics, and composites.

Metal Temperature by Color
This quick reference chart allows you to estimate the temperature of metal based on the color.

Metal Weight Calculator
How many pounds is a square foot of titanium sheet? This online calculator will tell you exactly! Includes most popular alloys from aluminum to zinc. Courtesy of Purchasing Online and Metal Suppliers Online.

Metals Industry Calculators and Converters from_about.gif (913 bytes)
Helpful conversion tools for the metals industry: general metals weight calculator, foil & coil weight calculator, precious metals weight converter and more.

Periodic Table of the Elements at About.com from_about.gif (913 bytes)
Great periodic table of the elements from About.com's chemistry guide Alan Bruzel. Includes detailed information such as uses, history, sources and properties.

Periodic Table of the Elements at Micron Metals
Periodic table which offers atomic weight, atomic number, electronic configuration, oxidation, state of matter, boiling & melting point, description, use and history from Micron Metals a metal powder supplier.

Refractory Metals Techincal Data
Comprehensive tech data on molybdenum, tungsten tantalum and niobium. Data includes typical analysis, typical properties, specific heat, thermal conductivity, resistivity, thermal expansion, strength, chemical reactivity, melting points, machinability ratings and more.

Specific Gravity of Metals
Table showing the specific gravity of various metals including aluminum, brass, bronze, copper, german silver, gold, iridium, iron, ferrosilicon, lead, manganese, mercury, monel, nickel, platinum, steel, tin, tungsten, uranium, zinc and others.

Stainless Steel Property Data
Detailed information relating to stainless steel from the Hendrix Group. Covers atmospheric corrosion properties, stainless compositions, cost data, heat treating, CSCC resistance, specifications, seawater resistance, cleaning methods, and explanations of stainless steel categories.

Surface Roughness Comparison Chart
Useful chart showing the surface finishes produced by common production processes. See the average roughness of metal surfaces resulting from broaching, chem milling, die casting, forging, honing, electro-polishing, sand casting, sawing, and other processes.

Super-Alloy Technical Data Library
Detailed technical properties and machinability data for many of the super-alloy grades including A286, hastelloy, haynes, monel, inconel, incoloy, invar, kovar, maraging, multimet, nickel alloys, tungsten, waspaloy, ascoloy and various others.

Thermal Properties of Metal
Thermal property information workbook created by mechanical engineering software company MAYA. Info on conductivity, density and specific heat is provided on metals, nonmetals, gasses and liquids.

Titanium Data and Reference Manual
Detailed technical information for titanium alloys published by Titanium Industries. Provides properties of titanium, machining and grinding parameters, forming and welding guidlines, corrosion data, weight formulas as well as ASTM, international and military specification charts.

Tool Steel Selection Guide
Select the proper tool steel for your application. Review the properties of tool steels for cold forming, molds, forging dies, die casting tools, powder compaction tools, extrusion dies, hot forming, punches, stamps, cutting tools, high speed steels and many others.

(UNS) - Unified Numbering System for Metals and Alloys
Complete list of UNS designations for U.S. metals, and WNR material numbers for German metals. Courtesy of Metalinfo.com, suppliers of metal industry informational tools.

Web Elements - Periodic Table
The popular online periodic table of the elements by Mark Winter of The University of Sheffield, England. They now have a version for your Palm Pilot called "PalmElements".

>Wire Gauge Conversion Table
Cross reference chart listing 0-40 gauge wire and the equivalent diameters in inches or millimeters.

Zinc Alloy Properties
Engineering data about zinc alloys from INTERZINC, a market development and technology transfer group, dedicated to increasing awareness of zinc casting alloys among engineers and designers. Alloy selection guide an zinc alloy properties provided.

More Utilities from_about.gif (913 bytes)
Handy online utilities to simplify tasks such as conversion formulas, calculators, currency converters, material sizing charts, glossaries, dictionaries, acronym definitions relating to metals, language and Web page translator and a world clock from your About.com Guide.

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