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Metals and Commodities Prices - Page 1 Current and historical metals and commodity prices including global supply and demand data.
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Free LME and Comex price charts and tables in USD/LB for aluminum, antimony, chrome, cobalt, columbium, copper, germanium, gold, iron, lead, moly, nickelalloy, palladium, platinum, silver, tantalum, tin, titanium, tungsten, vanadium and zinc.

American Metals Market (AMM)
International daily news service covering the metals industries, with up-to-date prices of 1,400 industrial materials. Covers mining to production, distribution to manufacturing and reuse. Includes events, analysis and online marketplace. Subscription service with some free resources.

London Metal Exchange (LME) Prices
Get daily prices and stocks as well as historical prices and charts directly from the LME. The LME is the international standard for metal commodity pricing of copper, aluminum, zinc, lead, tin, nickel, silver and aluminum alloy.

World Carbon Steel Prices & Forecasts
Global steel prices from MEPS, the leader in steel price data. Monthly price chart of hot rolled coil, hot rolled plate, cold rolled coil, HD galv. coil, electro zinc, coil wire, rod (mesh), medium sections & beams, rebar and merchant bar.

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