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Books on Metals, Metallurgy, Metalworking

Top books on metals, metallurgy, metalworking, metals trading, the metals industry and more from your About.com Guide.
  1. Welding of Dissimilar Metal

Adhesives for Metals
Author: Nicholas J. Delollis

Advanced Commodity Trading Techniques
Tested techniques and powerful new strategies by author J.D. Hamon

Architectural Metal Surfaces
Architectural metal surfaces by author: L. William Zahner

Asm Metals Reference Book
Author: American Society for Metals

The new metallurgy of cast metals by author: John Campbell

Commodity Trading Advisors
Risk, performance analysis, and selection by authors: Greg N. Gregoriou, Fabrice Rouah, Vassilios Karavas

Commodity Trading Manual
Author: Chicago Board of Trade

Complete Automotive Welding
Author: Robert Scharff, Dave Caruso

Corrosion of Metals
Physicochemical principles and current problems by author: Helmut Kaesche

Creative Metal Crafts
25 beautiful projects for your home by author: Joanna Gollberg

Dreams Of Iron And Steel
Seven wonders of the modern age, from the building of the london sewers to the panama canal by author: Deborah Cadbury

Easy Enameling on Metal
Author: Virginie Fowler

Engineering Formulas for Metal Cutting
Presented in customary U.S and metric units of measure by author: Edmund Isakov

Engraving on Metal Made Easy
Author: B.T. Horpe

Essential Welder
Gas metal arc welding laboratory by author: Richard J. Rowe

Estimating and Costing for the Metal Manufacturing Industries
Author: M. Adithan, B.S. Pabla, Robert C. Creese

Fatigue Failure of Metals
Author: S. Kocanda

Faux Surfaces in Polymer Clay
30 techniques ans projects that imitate precious stones, metals, wood & more by author: Irene Semanchuk Dean

Forging Metal Made Easy
Author: John Bacon

Functional Design of Metal Stampings
Author: Federico Strasser

Fundamentals of Metal Fatigue Analysis
Authors: Julie A. Bannantine, Jess J. Comer, James L. Handrock

Easy techniques & elegant projects with metal leaf by author: Jane Laferla

Heat Treatment of Metals
Author: B. Zakharov

High Steel
The daring men who built the world's greatest skyline by author: Jim Rasenberger

History of Metals in America
Author: James A. Mulholland

Home and Garden Metal Crafts
Author: Jana Ewy

How to Make a Metal Bending Machine
Author: R. D. Mann

How We Use Metal
Author: Chris Oxlade

Introduction to Precious Metal Clay
Instructions for creating fine silver or gold jewelry using precious metals glay by author: Maryann Devos

Investor's Encyclopedia of Gold, Silver, and Other Precious Metals
How to invest successfully in all forms of precious metals by author: Robert H. Persons

Magnesium Technology 2004
Proceedings of the symposium sponsored by the Magnesium Committee of the Light Metals Division of the Minerals, Metals & Materials Society by Editor: Alan A. Luo

Making Metal Jewelry
Projects, techniques and inspiration by author: Joanna L. Gollberg

Metal Architecture
Metal architecture, design and contruction by editor: Burkhard Fronlich

Metal Building Systems
Author: Alexander Newman

Metal Casting
A sand casting manual for the small foundry by author: Steve Chastain

Metal Craft Book
50 gorgeous things to make from extra thin sheet metals by author: Janice Eaton Kilby

Metal Cutting Tool Handbook
Publisher: Industrial Press

Metal Embossing
20 simple projects in aluminum, copper & brass foils by author: Yolanda Carranza Valle

Metal Fabricator's Handbook
Author: Ron Fournier

Metal Forming Handbook
Authors: Schuler, H. Hoffman, Gmbh Schuler

Metal Matrix Composites in Industry
Authors: Andreas Mortensen, Alexander Evans, Christopher San Marchi, A. Mortensen

Metal Mining and the Environment
Authors: Travis Hudson, American Geological Institute, Geoffrey S. Plumlee, Frederick D. Fox

Metal Spinning Made Easy
Author: Fred D. Crawshaw

Metal Stud Framing
Author: Ray Clark

Metal Thread Embroidery
Author: Jane Lemon

Metals In Society And In The Environment
A critical review of current knowledge on fluxes, speciation, bioavailability and risk for adverse effects of copper, chromium, nickel and zinc by authors: Lars Landner, Rudolf Reuther

Metals: Materials for Inspirational Design
By author Ron Arad. Key features of materials and processes.Typical applications, how products are made. Fifth book in the series following ceramics, plastics, glass and wood.

The best of projects in metal by author: Joe D. Rice

Mining and Metal Production Through the Ages
Author: Paul Craddock

Modeling, Sensing and Control of Gas Metal Arc Welding
Authors: D.S. Naidu, K. Moore, Desineni Subbaram Naidu, S. Ozcelik

Modern Metal Joining Techniques
Author: Mel M. Schwartz

Plating of Plastics with Metals
Author: Maurice William Ranney

Portable Wealth
The complete guide to precious metals investment by author: Adam Starchild

Precious Metal Clay In Mixed Media
Author: Maryann Devos

Precious Metal Trading
How to forecast and profit from major market moves by author: Philip Gotthelf

Press Brake Technology
A guide to precision sheet metal bending by author: Steve D. Benson

Pure Metals Properties
A scientific technical handbook by author: A. Buch

Sculpting in Steel and Other Metals
Author: Arthur Zaidenberg

Sheet Metal Forming Processes and Die Design
Sheet metal formingand die design by author: Vukota Bolijanovic

Smithells Metals Reference Book
Smithells Metals Reference Book by authors: William F. Gale and T. C. Totemeier.

Source Book on Copper and Copper Alloys
Comprehensive collection of outstanding articles from the periodical and reference literature of the American Society for Metals.

Steel and Beyond
New strategies for metals in architecture by author: Annette Lecuyer

Textile Techniques in Metal
For jewelers, textile artists & sculptors by author: Arline Fisch

The Art of Metal & Wire
Author: Janet Wilson

The Book of Gilding
Decorative gilding techniques, designs and inspirations using gold, silver and metal leaf by author: Liz Wagstaff

The Colouring, Bronzing, and Patination of Metals
A manual for the fine metalworker and sculptor of cast bronze, cast brass, copper by author: Richard Hughes

Theory of Metal Forming Plasticity
Classical and advanced topics by authors: Andrzej Suzalec

Thermal Properties of Metals
Asm ready reference by editor: Fran Cverna

Toxic Metal Syndrome
How metal poisoning can affect your brain by authors Morton Walker and Dr. Richard H. Casdorph

Worldwide Guide to Equivalent Nonferrous Metals and Alloys
Published by ASM International Materials Properties Database Committee

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