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Diemakers, Moldmakers

Tool & Die Designers, Die-making and Mold-making services.

A-1 Tool Corporation
Since 1963, served just about every type of industry with just about every type of mold.

Accu-Mold, Inc.
Full-service mold making shop in Michigan. Designing, building, and renewing molds.

Atlas Tool, Inc.
Stamping die and prototype parts company.

Century Mold and Tool Company
Designer and manufacturer of injection molds in Illinois.

Chicago Mold Engineering Co. Inc.
Designs, engineers and manufactures plastic injection and compression molds for the Thermoset and Thermoplastic industries.

Chung-Long Industrial Co. Ltd.,
Taiwan based stamping and forming die mfg.

Clarich Mold Corp.
Specialists in plastic molds and die cast dies since 1968.

Commercial Tool Group, Inc.
Large plastic injection molds over 500 ton molding machine capacity.

Craftsman Tool & Mold Company
Plastic injection mold builders for the automotive, appliance, medical, electrical, photographic and cosmetic industries.

Die Cast Die & Mold, Inc.
Providing quality tooling, complete diecast dies, and plastic injection molds to industry for over 40 years.

Drennan (Shanghai) Company Ltd.
Supply Chain Management and China Sourcing of engineered materials, equipment and tooling.

Eagle Tool Company
Design, revision and repair of plastic injection and die cast molds.

ELBA Tool Company, Inc.
Designer and builder of top-quality, high-volume die cast dies for the automotive industry and various consumer markets.

Eos Plastics Inc.
U.S. managed China plastic injection molds based in San Francisco. Save 50-75%

F&G Tool & Die
Supplier for design/engineering, prototyping, die-making, machine & wire EDM, pre-production stamping, high-volume production stamping.

Fischer Tool & Die
Leader in the die cast die and mold industry. Building complex dies, die design, trim dies, fixtures or other types of machining.

G.H. Tool & Mold, Inc.
Missouri based diemaker specializing in the design and manufacture of turn key die-cast die and trim die projects.

General Die & Engineering
Die cast dies for the aluminum, magnesium, and zinc industry, plastic injection molds, and thermoset injection molds. Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Global Tool & Engineering, Inc.,
GTEI provides quality "Class-A" fabrication tooling for punch press and up to 600 tons progressive stamping and blanking dies.

Guangzhou Unitoys Tooling Co. Ltd
Chana producer of plastic injection molds and die cast molds.

Hanson Mold
Complete design, construction, sampling and inspection of plastic injection, compression, transfer, and RIM molds, as well as long run die cast dies for aluminum, zinc, and magnesium parts.

JK Molds Inc.
Serving the plastics industry since 1970 specializing in building true SPI 101/401 molds.

Lancaster Mold, Inc.
Plastic injection molding, design, building, prototype & production tools, short run, mold flow.

Livingart Supply Company Ltd.
Taiwan moldmaker specializing in making molds and plastic injections for appliances auto parts.

Lodio Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Specialized in plastic injection mold design, die casting dies and stamping dies.

Matrix Tooling, Inc.
Excellence in plastic injection moldmaking since 1978. Specialize in building difficult-to-produce precision molds for the most demanding plastics applications:

Midwest Tool & Die
Designs, builds and runs plastic molds and high-speed progressive stamping dies.

Minco Group
The Minco Group provides solutions for the plastics industry, including product design, mold building and injection molding.

World's largest selection of quality miniature figure molds and moldmaking materials. Metal and rubber mold suppliers.

Minnesota Tool and Die Works
Specialists in big dies, complex dies, and custom machinery.

Mold Craft, Inc.
Since 1964, Mold Craft has designed and built injection molds for precision plastic parts.

Neu Dynamics Corp.
Manufacturers of Precision Molds and Dies. Specializing in Encapsulation and Insert Molding.

Northwestern Tool & Die Manufacturing Corporation
Service includes molds, stamping dies, precision machining, fixtures, gauges or any modification and repair.

Global provider of precision plastics injection molding and related manufacturing solutions with 11000+ team members, 800 Engineers and 1200 molding presses worldwide.

Oberg Industries
Designer and manufacturer of precision stamping die tooling with capabilities to provide high-quality, high-volume, precision metal and plastic parts and assemblies.

Penco Tool Inc.
Designs and manufactures prototype molds, steel compression molds, and injection molds up to 20 tons in size.

Philadelphia Carbide Company
Design and manufacture of precision-ground wear parts, machine parts and dies for the most demanding industrial applications. Works primarily with tungsten carbide, silicon carbide and ceramics materials that have a proven ability to stand up under the stress of wear, corrosion, abrasion and shock.

Prestige Mold Incorporated
High-technology plastic injection mold manufacturer utilizing robotic automation manufacturing cells to ensure ultimate quality and interchangeability.

Pro Mold & Die
Since 1973 Pro Mold & Die has specialized in complex molds and casts for the automotive industry.

Product Development Technologies
PDT is a global product development company with offices in five international locations. Experts in market and design research, business strategy, design planning, industrial design, graphic design, package design, mechanical engineering, tooling engineering, and manufacturing.

Rapid injection molding company. Injection molded parts in 3 days. Real parts, fast.

Rapid Product Development Group (RPDG)
RPDG provides world-class tooling, injection molding, and contract manufacturing combined with global program management. Can support the simplest Rapid Tool to multi-cavity Class 101 Production tools and dies.

Sa-Chen Steel Mold Company, Limited.
Taiwan manufacture of plastic steel molds and precision molds for telephone, television, VCR, computer, business machines, ect.

San Diego Mold
Produces high performance plastic injection molds and prototypes.

Santa Barbara Tool & Die
Originally established in 1966 as a captive tool and die shop for Applied Magnetics Corporation. In 2000, the company was established as non-captive tool and die shop and a subsidiary of IMT.

Schaefer Mold & EDM Service, Inc.
Specializes in, first class hardened molds, pre-hard production molds, and prototype molds. Texas.

High qiuality export plasyic injection molds produced in 520 man factory managed by professional European, American and Chinese staff. ISO9001

Sunset Tool, Inc.
Trim dies, deflashing tools, fixtures, machining, model shop services, CNC, CMM, wire EDM, short-run injection molding, modeling and prototype development.

Techny Plastics
ISO 9002 qualified company specializing in thermoplastic injection molding and mold making. Serving automotive, outdoor power, electronics & appliance industries.

Tillmann Tool & Die, Inc.
Precision machine shop that specializes in the designing and building of close tolerance plastic injection molds, metal stamping dies, jigs and fixtures.

Tri-Par Die & Mold
Designing and building precision injection molds for over 40 years. Illinois.

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