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Metals Forums, Blogs, Bulletin Boards

Online discussion forums, blogs, bulletin boards and newsgroups relating to metals, metallurgy, manufacturing and engineering. Read and post comments or questions to industry professionals around the world.

About.com Metals Industry Forum
Your place to network with other metal industry professionals, ask questions, promote new products, discuss the latest news, and keep up with emerging trends. Post any information you feel will be of interest to others in the industry.

Newsgroup involving issues related to Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) machines used to fabricate metal.

AWS Welding Forums
Very active discussion forum at the American Welding Society's Website. Includes bulletin board sections covering technical information, certification, training, shop talk, education, items for sale and equipment wanted.

Newsgroup involving business issues related to the metals and mining industry.

Cutting-edge forums for Engineering and Manufacturing professionals in a non-commercial environment. Groups include: metals engineering, fabricated metal product engineering, iron, steel & metal manufacturing, alloy engineering, corrosion and more.

Hot Dip Galvanize Forum
Forum for the exchange of information to Continuous Hot Dip Galvanizing Lines used in the steel industry. Hot Dip Galvanized Steel is the generic term for the protective coatings Galvalume, Galvanneal, Galvanize Type II, or other zinc coatings for steel.

Iron and Steel Society (Email Discussion List)
The mail list of the Iron and Steel Society which seeks to be the premier professional and technical society serving its members and advancing knowledge exchange in the global iron and steel industry.

Job Related Newsgroups
Bulletin board forums where employers & recruiters post want ads and job seekers post their resumes for the world to review, from your About.com Guide.

Liszt.com is the mailing list directory. There are many technical email lists covering the topics of metallurgy, material science, metals, steel, corrosion and more. Subscribe to any of the 90,095 mailing lists to discuss topics via e-mail.

Newsgroup covering quality assurance issues for industry.

Discussion newsgroup covering chemistry or materials related issues.

Moldmaker's Forum
Discussion board where those involved with the moldmaking industry can share information, ask questions, offer tips, etc. Sponsored by MoldMaking Technology magazine.

Recreational metalworking discussion group for artists and hobbiest.

Russian language newsgroup for discussions on machinery.

Russian language newsgroup for discussions of metals.

Russian language newsgroup for discussions on raw materials.

Engineering newsgroup for general technical discussions.

Engineering newsgroup for discussions of material joining.

Engineering newsgroup for discussions on welding and metal joining issues.

Engineering newsgroup about current manufacturing methods..

Engineering newsgroup covering the subject of metallurgy.

Mining engineering newsgroup covering technical mining topics.

Engineering newsgroup covering semiconductor devices, materials and processes.

Scientific newsgroup about various materials including metals.

Scientific newsgroup about magnetic resonance imaging.

Scientific newsgroup covering all aspects of mass spectrometry.

Scientific newsgroup covering the field of microscopy.

Scientific newsgroup covering spectroscopy techniques.

Scientific newsgroup covering general testing techniques

Scientific newsgroup covering nondestructive testing techniques

Scientific newsgroup covering crystallography issues.

Steel News (Email Discussion List)
Daily steel industry market newsletter published via email by Ron Udell. Over 800 active subscribers receive the daily messages.

Steel-Engineers (Email Discussion List)
General discussions related to structural engineering for the fabricated steel industry. Subscribers include professional engineers, architects, building owners, fabricators, contractors, erectors, estimators and detailers. Over 300 active subscribers.

Steel-Talk (Email Discussion List)
Open discussion of steel industry issues via email. Steel-Talk is a way for people involved in all aspects of the steel industry to hear fresh perspectives on the issues and to voice their own opinions. Over 600 active subscribers receive the daily messages.

The Tinbasher Blog
Offer readers news from the sheet metal industry ranging from steel news to new stainless steel design concepts from a small sheet metal firm's perspective based in England.

Tubenet (Email Discussion List)
Discussions relating to the tube and pipe industry via email.

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