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Germany Metal Suppliers

Alcoa Aluminum
The Aluminum Company of America is one of the world's largest aluminum producers, and fabricators.

Allegheny Technologies
Producer of specialty metals including stainless steel, nickel and cobalt alloys, superalloys, titanium alloys, specialty steels, tungsten materials and high temperature and corrosion resistant metals for aerospace, medical, automotive, and energy industries.

Carpenter Technology Corporation
Supplier of specialty steels, stainless, superalloys and titanium serving North America, Mexico and Europe.

Major european producer of steel and aluminium. The company was formed on in 1999, through the merger of British Steel and the Koninklijke Hoogovens. Provides products to the construction, automotive, packaging, aerospace, energy and engineering industries.

CSM Industries
Producer of molybdenum metal products in all forms. Offers molybdenum metal, alloys, and clad laminates for use in aerospace applications, high-temp equipment, and electronic devices. Plants, distribution, and sales offices worldwide.

De Nora Deutschland GmbH.
German supplier of a wide range of titanium and nickel materials.

Major fabricator and producer of precious metal alloy products from platinum and rhodium to gold and silver in virtually any form required.

European steel traders.

Goodfellow Corporation
Catalog supplier of metals, polymers, ceramics & other materials for research, development and special requirements of science and industry worldwide. Excellent source for buyers in need small quantities, delivered in 24 hours.

Grillo-Werke AG
German zinc producer that supplies customers worldwide with ingot, shot, wire, powder, strip, anodes and calots. Most of Grillo's product is exported to 70 other countries.

Hempel Special Metals Group
International distribution of titanium, nickel alloys and specialty stainless steels for industrial applications.

Inland Steel (Ispat Intl.)
One of the largest steel companies in the world with major steelmaking operations in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Germany, Trinidad, France & Ireland. Produces strip, coil & sheet, bar, wire, tubes & structurals.

KM Europa Metal
KME is one of the largest manufacturer of copper and copper alloy products. KME is a wholly owned subsidiary of the SMI (Società Metallurgica Italiana).

RMI Titanium
Supplier of titanium metal products to global customers. Products are used for aerospace, industrial, medical and consumer applications and include ingot, billet, plate, bar, strip, sheet, tube and pipe.

Salzgitter AG
German steelmaker.

Global steel supplier offering bar, billet, electropolished products, pipe and tubing, sheet, plate, wire and medical implant grade steel. They are also one of the top manufacturers of precision cutting tools for turning, milling and drilling.

Worldwide steel traders based in Germany.

ThyssenKrupp AG
One of the top flat carbon and stainless steel producers in the world and leader in producing nickel-base alloys and titanium products. In addition to its German plants, there are production facilities in the USA, Mexico and Italy.

Titanium Metals Corporation (TIMET)
One of the main producers and distributors of titanium products in the world. Produces and distributes slab and castings, ingot, billet, bar, strip, sheet, plate, tube, pipe and fittings globally.

German aluminum processing company. The group of European companies is involved in aluminum trading, production and recycling.

Uniform Tubes, Inc.
UTI is world leader in the design and manufacture of precision miniature tubular products and machined parts utilizing more than 90 metals such as aluminum, copper and nickel alloys, stainless, reactive and precious metals.

VAW Aluminium AG
Germany's VAW is one of Europe's largest aluminium companies. Products include primary materials, rolled products, flexible packaging and automotive products.

Voest Alpine
German steelmaker.

ZAPP Group
Specializes in the manufacture and sale of wire, bar, profile, precision sheet and strip made of S/S, carbon steel, titanium, nickel alloys and other specialty metals.

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