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How To Fill Out Form W-4

Metalworking Plans and Projects - Page 7
Free metalworking plans, drawings and instructions for do-it-yourself metal shop projects.

Build Your Own Wind Turbine
Produce your own electricity by building a machine called a Savonius wind turbine. Great renewable energy project kit. Download the plans and templates for the base, frame and rotors.

Build Your Own Solar Oven
Warm or cook food using only the sun. This oven made from aluminum foil, cardboard, tape and other common materials can achieve cooking temperatures of 100-175 degrees C.

Stylish Metal Kitchen Stools
Sharpen your welding skills on these handy kitchen or bar stools. Download the plans from Better Homes & Gardens magazine.

Build a Child's Backhoe
You've seen these toy backhoes in children's catalogs usually priced around $99.00 to $169.00. Here's a plan to build one yourself for about $15.00 out of metal tube and galvanized sheet.

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