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Copper Prices 2013

What is the price of copper?


Copper and tin contracts have been traded on the London Metal Exchange since the late 19th century when the market first began operating.

The prices listed below are based on the daily cash buyer contract prices settled at the LME averaged for each month.

LME Copper Physical Specifications:

  • Contract/Quality: Grade A Copper conforming to BS EN 1978:1998 (Cu-CATH-1)
  • Lot size (warrant): 25 tonnes (with a tolerance of +/- 2%)
  • Form/shape: Cathodes
  • Contract Code: CA

All LME prices are reported in US Dollars per metric tonne.

Copper Prices 2013

Year Month Average Copper Contract Price
2013 June $7,003.38
May $7,228.07
April $7,202.57
March $7,661.58
February $8,069.55
January $8,048.27

Source: LME Free Data Service

**Prices published on About.com are for reference purposes only and should not be relied upon for business or investment purposes.**

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