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Bicycle Frame Making Resources

Resources and materials to help you build the ultimate bike frame. Suppliers of high quality Chrome-Moly, titanium and aluminum bike tubing, joints, lugs, dropouts, design software, tools and fixtures can be found here.
  • Reynolds Cycle Technology:
    Aluminum, carbon-fiber, steel and titanium seamless tubes.
  • Easton:
    Producers of the famed Easton Frame tubing in 6061, 7005 and scandium.
  • Columbus:
    Produces tubes for use Ferrari chassis, skiing and tennis equipment, furniture and - of course - bicycles.
  • Henry James:
    Supplier of high quality lug joints, dropouts, crowns, true temper tubing, framebuilding equipment, tools and information.
  • Bringheli:
    Supplier of Italian Dedacciai tubing sets, Bringheli tools & jigs, Walter frame components and more.
  • Ceeway:
    Full range of materials to serve the needs of small bicycle framebuilders and the frame production process: Alum, Ti, Butted Joints, Lugs, Braze-ons, Crowns and more.

  • More Resources:
    Bike Parts & Accessories Online
    Building Your Perfect Bike
    Frame Building Tips
    Frame Design Software
    Metallurgy For Cyclists
    Welding & Brazing Information
    Complete Tubing Suppliers List
    Mail Order Material Catalogs
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