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Metal Collectibles

Metal collectibles resources on the intranet. Check out the links to the best information about antique metalware, silverware, pewter objects, bronzes, as well as vintage metal toys, die cast cars, lunch boxes and more.

American Silver Marks - Online Encyclopedia
Large collection of hallmarks from American manufacturers and retailers of sterling silver, coin silver and silver plate. There are over 190 marks illustrated.

AntiqueMetalware Website
Specialises in British pewter, and British holloware in copper and brass. Has a verification mark library, does appraisals and valuations, and operated the Pewter Exchange, an online buying and selling service for collectors of antique metalware.

Collectable Chrome
Article on collecting Art Deco chrome pieces from the 1920's - 1930's.

Encylopedia of Metal Antiques
A-Z list of metal antiques with descriptions and history of each, such as american silver, bell-metal, hollow ware, princess metals, tankards, white metal, etc.

Gorham Silver Marks and Dates
Chart of Gorham date codes.

Metal Signs
Order vintage metal sign replicas online.

Pewter Collectors' Club of America, Inc.
The club encourages research and discussion on pewterers, their marks, their lives, working periods, and locations. Includes individuals, museums, and historical societies interested in collecting antique pewter from America, England, Europe, and Asia.

Pewter Marks, an Introduction
Pewter is often found without marks, but many have a wide variety of numbers, letters, words, and symbols that provides clues to maker, age and origin. The following is an introduction to British, European and American pewter marks.

Pewter Society
The societies objective is to stimulate interest in and appreciation of pewter through encouraging research into its history, manufacture, social context, care and conservation.

Pewterer's Marks
American pewter may carry one or more of the following types of marks: pewterers' marks, verification marks, ownership marks or merchant's marks. Examples provided.

Silver Hallmarks Photo Gallery
International selection of antique silver hallmarks.

Silver Marks Encyclopedia
Contains over 2,500 hallmarks, maker's marks and silver marks of antique vintage and modern silver.

Silver Souvenir Spoon Makers' Marks
Approximately 75 illustrations of spoon makers' marks. Includes all the marks found on about 99% of the American sterling souvenir spoons that readers are likely to encounter.

Silver Study Group
Organisation formed in 1981 to help unravel the mysteries of hallmarks, and introduce the world of silver to beginners.

Online resource for collectors of mainly antique British Sterling Silver. If your piece has the Lion Passant or the number 925 then it is, in all probability, Sterling Silver.

Spratling Silver Hallmarks
Website provides the fundamental knowledge needed to determine if an item is possibly a William Spratling treasure.

The Historical Metallurgy Society
The first society devoted to the history of metals and has members in many countries. Publishes the Historical Metallurgy journal, newletters and offers grants and student support.

Tiffany Maker's Marks and Date Indicators
Basic guideline to the holloware markings of Tiffany silver.

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