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Metallurgical resources and information, labs, and research by government, corporate and university entities. The most comprehensive online guide for the metal industry. Includes buyers guides, supplier lists, metal prices, metal properties, specifications, e-commerce sites, software, industry news and more. Covers every metal from aluminum to zinc.
  1. Books on Metals, Metallurgy
  2. Corrosion (10)
  3. Material Properties
  4. Metal Experts / Consulting (22)
  5. Metallurgy Labs (11)
  6. Metals & Manufacturing S...
  7. Universities (5)

Definition of the chemical process of corrosion in metals.

Definition of the material property of toughness.

Definition of the material property of strain.

Definition of the material property of ductility.

Definition of the material property of strength, as it pertains to metals.

Institute of Materials (IOM)
London based materials science and engineering group. Expertise covers metals, polymers, ceramics, and composites. The "Materials Information Service" provides info for improving the use of materials and processes.

Metallic Image Gallery
Hundreds of free metallic textures and seamless backgrounds for Webpages or other 3D graphic applications.

Materials Research Society (MRS)
A non-profit organization of 12,000 members from 50 countries, focused on assisting engineers, scientists and researchers from industry, govt., academia to share info in the research and development of new materials.

Metallurgy Experts & Consultants
Links to experts and consultants in the metals industry from your About.com guide. Metallurgists, engineers, scientists, consultants, expert witnesses and more.

Metallurgy FAQ Archive
Archives of the "Frequently Asked Questions" for the sci. engr.metallurgy usenet discussion newsgroup are posted here each month.

National Institute of Standards and Technology - Metallurgy Division
Develops measurement and standards infrastructure for steelmaking and nanostructures. Research includes electrochemical processing, magnetic materials, materials performance, structure and metallurgical processing.

Practical Data for Metallurgists Handbook
Timken's 120 page handbook, "Practical Data for Metallurgists" has been an essential reference for technical experts, operations managers and engineers since it was introduced in 1953. Download a free copy in .pdf format.

Heat Treatment
Definition of the materials process of heat treatment.

Cryogenic Heat Treatment
Definition of the cryogenic heat treatment process.

Definition of the heat treatment process of normalization.

Description of the heat treatment process of annealing.

Precipitation Hardening
Definition of the heat treatment process of precipitation hardening.

Process Annealing
Definition of the heat treatment process of process annealing.

Description of the heat treatment process of quenching.

Magnets & Metals
What are magnets? Magnets are materials that produce magnetic fields, which attract specific metals. Every magnet has a north and a south pole. Opposite poles attract, while like poles repel.

What is malleability? Malleability is a physical property of metals that defines the ability to be hammered, pressed or rolled into thin sheets without breaking. In other words, it is the property of a metal to deform under compression.

The Effect of Alloying Agents on Steel Properties
Different alloying elements each have their own affect on the properties of steel. Some of the properties that can be improved through alloying include:

Description of the heat treatment process of tempering.

Metallographic Etching
Article describing the technique and purpose of metallographic etching.

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