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Metals and Manufacturing Glossaries

Online metals glossaries, dictionaries, terminology and acronym definitions.

About Metals Glossary
The About Metals Glossary is now available online. Find hundreds of the latest metals industry terms.

Aluminum Glossary
Guide to aluminium industry terminology, with terms related to aluminium grain refining, aluminium master alloys and metal treatment technology.

American Metals Market - Metal Industry Terms
Short glossary relating to metal industry terms such as annealing, cold-rolling, ferroalloy, galvanizing, pickling and tempering.

AZoM - A to Z of Materials
Totally free materials knowledge database for the engineering, design and materials community worldwide. Covers the whole spectrum of metals, ceramics, polymers and composites, with both news and technical data. Supported by the Institute of Materials, CERAM Research and RAPRA.

Search the world's most respected encyclopedia Encyclopedia Britannica, now online. Includes many technical metal and mineral terms and definitions, descriptions, illustrations and photographs.

Casting Glossary
This glossary of metalcasting terms provides casting designers and buyers with practical definitions of common metalcasting phrases, definitions including illustrations.

Chem Milling / Etching Glossary
Complete list of photo chemical machining (PCM) terms courtesy of E-fab, a Silicon Valley photo etching company. Learn the meaning of burn-in, characteristic curve, chatter, contact printing, diazo, reduction marks, undercutting and much more.

Chinese Language Metals Glossary
The About Metals Glossary is now available in simplified Chinese. The glossary contains over 500 definitions of metals related terms.

Coin Collecting Slang & Terms
Like all metal collectibles, the rare coin market has its own terminology and slang. This glossary from PCGS, the Professional Coin Grading Service explains the most frequently used coin collecting terms.

Coincraft Glossary
Terminology related to metal coins and coinmaking.

Corrosion Term Glossary
Hundreds of corrosion terms defined. Get information on acid embrittlement, liquid metal embrittlement, phosphating, zeta potential and more.

Dictionary of Metal Terminology
Over 500 metal industry terms sorted alphabetically in this online dictionary at MetalsUSA.

Dictionary of Metallurgy
SteelMill.com's detailed dictionary of metallurgical terms. Get definitions of terms including austempering, Bessemer process, cross rolling, Duralumin, eutectoid steel, graphitizing, muntz metal, spiegel and many others.

Dictionary of Mining, Minerals, and Related Terms.
Huge dictionary of over 28,000 words relating to mining, mineral & metals compiled and edited by the staff of the U.S. Bureau of Mines.

Die Casting Glossary
Complete glossary of die casting terms published by the North American Die Casting Association.

Encylopedia of Metal Antiques
A-Z list of metal antiques with descriptions and history of each, such as american silver, bell-metal, hollow ware, princess metals, tankards, white metal, etc.

Foil Terminology Glossary
Explains terms specific to foil production such as luster, tension leveling, strain hardening and about 50 more. Courtesy of Foilcenter.com.

Forging Terminology Glossary
Glossary of terms used in the metal forging industry courtesy of Anchor-Harvey Components, a U.S. based forging manufacturer

Foundry Terms Glossary
Foundry operation terms and terms associated with the iron foundry and other metal foundry industries. Published by Atlas Foundry Company.

Heat Treating Glossary
Heat treating and metallurgical terms defined.

Joist and Structural Steel Terminology
The best glossary of joist, girder and structural steel industry terms on the Net courtesy of Hancock Joist.

Laser Cutting Glossary
Glossary of laser cutting terms by Tesko Laser Division.

Magnetics Glossary
Terms and definitions used in the engineering and manufacturing of permanent magnets.

Material Attributes Glossary
Definitions of material attributes such as Atomic Volume, Desity, Ductility, Elastic Limit, Resistivity, Shear Modulus, Tensile Strength and more.

Materials Science & Engineering Glossary of Terms
Materials Science and Engineering glossary with detailed definitions compiled by Justin McCarthy.

Metal Detecting Glossary
Metal detecting terminology defined.

Metal Forming Glossary
Glossary helps you understand the metal stamping, bending, deep drawing, roll forming, corrugating, and other metal fabricating processes.

Metallurgical Terminology Glossary
Complete A-Z list of metal terms courtesy of SuppliersOnline. Site also offers trade name lists, property data, specification info, hardness charts, calculators and other useful reference tools.

Metaltransys Dictionary
Metallurgical dictionary in four languages: English, German, Hungarian and Swedish.

Mineral and Gemstone Glossary
Comprehensive list of terms with definitions and explanations regarding the subjects of minerals and gemstones. Everying from Arsenides to Zeolite.

Mining & Metals Glossary
List of terms relating to minerals & metals compiled by Natural Resources Canada (NRCan), a Canadian govt. department specializing in energy, minerals and metals.

New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) Glossary
NYMEX is a futures & options exchange for metals such as aluminum, copper, gold, palladium, platinum & silver. The Glossary covers many unique terms for investing in metals futures and options.

Nut and Bolt Glossary
Glossary of unique terms used in the fastener industry courtesy of Bolt Science Limited, specialists in bolted joint technology.

One Look Dictionaries
Search hundreds of dictionaries around the world at one time. 350,000 words in over 600 dictionaries. Everything from English words to material science, metals, business, technology, medical, computer and Internet.

Pipe Glossary
Helpful glossary of unique terms used in the pipe industry courtesy of Inter-Mountain Pipe and Threading Co.

Plating Terms Glossary
Short list of common terms used in the plating industry. Terms such as barrel plating, CASS testing, chromate, leveling, micron and vermeil are defined.

Powder Metallurgy Glossary
Standard terms for the interpretation and application of powder metallurgy published by the Metals Powder Industries Federation (MPIF).

Recycling Glossary
Glossary of recycling terms at IMCO recycling, the largest aluminum & zinc recycling company in the world. Operates plants in the US & EU. Also find details on the process of recycling aluminum and zinc materials.

Roll Forming Glossary
Glossary of roll forming, corrugating, and metal fabricating processes.

Sheet Metal Forming and Stamping Glossary
Electronic dictionary of over 800 sheet metal forming terms covering bending, flanging, hemming, deep drawing and stamping processes.

Silver Collecting Terms
Glossary of terms connected with the silver collecting trade published by SilverMine.

Silversmithing Terms Glossary
The Society of American Silversmiths glossary of commonly used silversmithing terms.

Steel Term Glossary
Wierton Steel's large online glossary of terms used in the steel industry. Provides exact definitions for terms such as aging, galvaneal, normalizing, pickling and spangle.

SteelLog Dictionary
5,000 word metallurgical and metalworking dictionary at All Metals & Forge, LLC.

The Acronym Finder
Over 60,000 acronyms and abbreviations defined including military, business, industry, information technology, telecommunications. The web's largest database of its kind.

WebElements - Periodic Table & Definitions
WebElements is a popular online periodic table of the elements by Mark Winter of The University of Sheffield, England. They now have a nice version for your Palm Pilot named PalmElements.

Welding Dictionary
Welding terms and practical welding information provided by Miller Electric. Get the definitions of MIG, GMAW, OCV, RMS, squarewave and many others.

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