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Metalworking projects, plans, resources, Websites, information and how-to's from your About.com Guide.
  1. Books on Metals (71)
  2. Metal Projects and Applications (4)
  3. Metals Trade Associations
  4. Tooling Manufacturers List
  5. Welding & Metal Joining ...

Free Metalworking Project Plans
Hundreds of free online plans and drawings for a wide range of metalworking projects for beginners and experts. Machining, welding, casting, cutting and more.

American Machinist
The online version of the magazine serving manufacturers of durable goods and other metal products. Covers the latest methods and practices of metal-working, including cutting, forming, software, tooling, robotics, quality, finishing, and plant operations.

Metals and Health
Information about health issues related to metals. Important safety information for anyone working or exposed to metals.

Metalworking Lesson Plans
Online sources of lessons related to metalworking class, industrial arts, metal shop, materials science, physics, chemistry, geology and more.

Metals in Art & Architecture
Featuring the many creative uses of metallic materials in art and architecture.

Instant Cost Estimate Tool
Simply input the part specs and get immediate cost estimates for various manufacturing processes including: Die Casting, Forging, Impact Extrusion, Injection Molding, Machining, Powder Metallurgy, Sand casting and Sheet Metal Fabrication.

Metallurgy Labs
Metallurgy lab resources from your About.com Metals Guide.

Cutting-edge forums for Engineering and Manufacturing professionals in a non-commercial environment. Groups include: metals engineering, fabricated metal product engineering, iron, steel & metal manufacturing, alloy engineering, corrosion and more.

Metal Web News
Online guide of metalworking related subjects. News, forums, software, equipment for sale and wanted, suppliers, machining, turning, forming & fabrication, forge and foundry, welding and blacksmithing.

Metalworking Digest Online
Metalworking Digest is the publication for metalworking and machinist experts. Site offers a buyers guide, service directories, product evaluations, news and trade show information.

Metalworking FAQ
Home of the "Frequently Asked Questions" and answers of the UseNet newsgroup rec.crafts.metalworking.

Portal of metalworking and manufacturing resources. Fabrication, welding, material handling, contract services, machining, measurement, robotics, articles, supplier list and industry news.

Modern Machine Shop Online
North America's premier metalworking information source. Find suppliers, get equipment reviews, expert advise, technical articles, bid for work, post resumes, find tools, utilities and related links.

Metallurgy Institutes & Universities
Institutes & universities involved in metallurgy and materials science.

National Center for Excellence in Metalworking
NCEMT represents a key link in the acquisition, evaluation, development, and transfer of new and advanced metalworking technologies for the domestic industrial base. Sponsored by the U.S. Navy MANTECH Program.

Precision Machined Products Association
Trade association dedicated to promoting and improving the machining industry. Provides training and career assistance. Offers online engineering and design guide, buyers guide, industry reports and trends.

Online metalworking discussion group for machinists, artists and hobbiest.

Society of Manufacturing Engineers
Excellent resource for technical information and expertise related to designing and manufacturing.

The Association of Manufacturing Technology
AMT represents and promotes the interests of American providers of manufacturing machinery and equipment. Site provides a product directory with hundreds of equipment listings, industry news and information.

The Guild of Metalsmiths
Non-Profit organization dedicated to the art of metalworking. Online gallery, information, newsletter, equipment exchange and other metalworking resources.

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