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Mold Bases

Sources of mold-bases for die-sets and mold manufacturing.

Aluminium mold plate developed especially for the plastic and molding industries. Produces M-1™, an extraordinarily dense, dimensionally stable, high strength aluminium plate that does not require heat treatment.

D-M-E Company
For over six decades, D-M-E has been helping moldmakers, mold designers, and molders be more efficient, more productive, and more profitable. Our full line of mold bases, components, and hot runner solutions are all engineered for maximum performance.

DMS - Diemould Service Company Limited
The UK's largest manufacturer and distributor of precision engineered standardised components for use in injection moulding and diecasting tools. North American customers are supplied by DMS companies in Ontario, Canada, Chicago, New England and Los Angeles.

EDRO Engineering & Specialty Steel, Inc.
Edro produces custom mold bases to allow moldmakers to focus on what they doe best, building cores, cavities and other components for plastic mold production.

Futaba Corporation
Japanese made mold bases are standardized for prompt delivery and reduce the production cost of dies, and improve productivity in the die industry.

Supplies standard elements for mould, tool and jig making worldwide. These standardised components are high-precision products which can be combined in a variety of ways. Through innovation and further development, HASCO has determined to remain at the cutting edge of tool making technology.

International Mold Steel, Inc.
Better steels for better molds. Prehardened steels with better machining characteristics, welding qualities and stability.

LKM - Lung Kee Group
Pioneer in the China mould bases industry. Has over 6000 employees, eight factories along the China coastal areas. Premium quality and sincere customer services are success factors.

Mac - Mold Base Inc.
Custom mold bases, CNC machining, Wire EDM, surface contouring, grinding, large capacity.

Meusburger Georg GmbH & Co
Leading producers for standard moulds in the tool and mould industry in Europe. Quality and reliability on all levels are backed by 40 years of experience in this field, by state of the art production lines and the highly qualified staff.

Misumi Corporation
MISUMI carries a range of standardized mold components for plastic injection molds. MISUMI offers over 65,000 mold products including ejector pins, core pins and 260,000 types of stamping die punches, other cutting tools.

Modular Mold Systems
Manufacturer and distributor of Interchangeable Insert Molding Systems. The creator's of the first patented “Round” Interchangeable Insert Molding System, Round Mate.

Mold Base Industries, Inc.
Manufacturing custom mold bases at competitive prices for 30 years. Bases are ready for installation of cavities, cores and accessories.

Brush Wellman's large plate mold alloy program offers shorted cycle times and improved quality to the largest molded parts.

MUD - Master Unit Die
Master Unit Die Quick-Change Systems provide a cost effective approach to injection molding tools.

National Tool and Manufacturing Co.
Since 1933, National has supplied the moldmaking industry with high quality standard and custom mold sets and mold component parts.

Omni Mold Systems
Servicing the industry with standardized systems which includes mold bases, slide assemblies, cavity sets, slide locks, lifetrs and more.

PCS Company
Mold bases of quality with complete interchangeability, guided ejection, #3 steel A & B Plates, pry slots, veneted leader pins, and hoist ring holes.

Pedrotti Meccanica
Italian built moulds and bases for plastic materials, shearing and die-casting of low alloys.

Progressive Components International Corporation
Injection mold components, die cast mold components, alignment products, unit inserts and mold bases.

Rabourdin Groupe
French manufacturer of standard die components and mold bases.

Sideco S.p.A.
Based in Italy, Sideco is one of the most established manufacturers of standard components for moulds. With a production area of 5,000 sq. metres, it offers a wide range of products for blanking, injection molding and die-casting.

Superior Die Set Corporation
Serving the stamping and molding industry with quality die sets, mold bases and tooling components since 1923.

Target Precision
Manufacturer of custom mold bases for the plastic injection, rubber and die casting industries.

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