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Metals Suppliers (A-Z)

Buyer guide of metal suppliers categorized by alloy type, by form, company name or by country. Includes large and small metal producers, distributors and service centers globally.
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Company Profile: BHP Billiton
BHP Billiton is one of the world's largest mining and resource companies with roughly 100,000 employees in over 25 countries. The company is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia and listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (as BHP Billiton Ltd.), as well as on the London Stock Exchange and the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (as BHP Billiton Plc).

Company Profile: ArcelorMittal
ArcelorMittal S.A. is the world’s largest steel producer, accounting for more than 6% of global crude steel production. Headquartered in Luxembourg, ArcelorMittal has operations in over 60 countries and annual gross revenues in excess of US$ 70 billion (2010).

Company Profile: Nippon Steel Corp.
Nippon Steel Corporation Japan's largest steel manufacturer, producing 35 million metric tons of crude steel in 2010. Nippon Steel employs over 50,000 staff and is traded on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

Company Profile: Glencore International AG
Glencore International AG (Glencore) is involved in the production, marketing and distribution of energy, agricultural and metal commodities. With its head office based in Baar, Switzerland, Glencore and its subsidiaries have operations in 30 countries and over 56,000 employees.

Company Profile: Impala Platinum Holdings Ltd.
Impala Platinum Holdings Limited (Implats) is one of the world's largest producers of platinum group metals (PGMs). In 2010, Implats produced 1.74 million ounces of platinum, approximately 25% of the world’s total platinum output, at its operations in South Africa and Zimbabwe. The company has roughly 50,000 employees and is listed on the...

Company Profile: POSCO
Established in 1968, Pohang Iron and Steel Company (POSCO) operates two integrated steel mills in South Korea and a joint venture with U.S. Steel (USS-POSCO) in California. According to the World Steel Association, POSCO was the world’s third biggest producer of crude steel in 2010 (after ArcelorMittal and Baosteel), manufacturing over 30...

Company Profile: Xstrata plc
Xstrata plc (Xstrata) is a major international producer of base and platinum group metals. With gross revenues of over US$ 30.5 billion (2010) and over 70,000 staff, Xstrata one of the world's largest metals companies.

Metal Suppliers
Profiles of major metal producers as well as supplier lists based on metal type, form and location.

Company Profile: Norilsk Nickel
The Mining and Metallurgical Company Norilsk Nickel ("MMC Norilsk Nickel" or "Norilsk Nickel") is the world's largest producer of refined nickel as well as a major producer of copper and platinum group metals (PGMs).

Company Profile: Teck Resources Ltd.
Teck Resources Ltd. is a Canadian natural resource company that is focused on the production of zinc, copper, steelmaking coal, specialty metals and energy. The company has mining and refining operations in North and South America as well as exploration activities and offices around the world.

Company Profile: Baosteel
Baosteel Group Corporation (Baosteel) is one of the world's largest iron and steel companies. Based in Shanghai, China, the state-owned company has 20 subsidiaries and is listed on the Fortune 500.

Company Profile: Vale SA
Headquartered in Brazil, Vale SA is the world's largest second largest mining company, the leading producer of iron ore and pellets and the world's second biggest nickel producer. Employing nearly 140,000 staff in 37 countries, Vale's revenues in 2011 exceeded US$ 60 billion.

Molycorp Minerals
Profile of Molycorp Minerals with history, product information and more.

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