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Metals Suppliers ( A-Z )

Metal suppliers list sorted by company name (A-Z) from your About.com guide. Includes large and small producers, distributors and service centers in the U.S. and international markets.

A. Finkl & Sons
Chicago based producer of mold steel, casting steel, forging die steel and custom open-die forgings for the US and global markets. Finkl holds more than 100 patents for steel formulations and steelmaking technologies.

A.K. Steel
Produces a wide variety of flat-rolled products for the automotive, appliance, construction and manufacturing markets including hot or cold rolled, electogalvanized, hot-dip, aluminized & stainless steel products.

A.M. Castle & Co.
International full service distributor of industrial metals including aluminum, carbon, alloy and stainless steels, nickel alloys, titanium, brass and copper. Facilities across the US, Canada, Mexico and U.K.

A.T. Wall Company
Supplier of precision tubing & fabricated metal parts made from specialty alloys & precious metals for use in aircraft, appliance, auto, chemical, electronic, jewelry, silversmith, superconductor and medical applications.

Brazing alloys, alloys & fluxes, soldering & welding supplies and brazing services. AACCO can supply the proper alloy for brazing any base metal in any of the brazing processes.

Academy Precision Materials
New Mexico based supplier specializing in precious metal and silicon targets for all thin film applications. Services include manufacturing, bonding, backing plates, refining and analysis. Silver & gold for CD-R, gold & silicon for DVD-9 and silver for low-e glass.

Accomet Corporation
One of the largest worldwide suppliers of secondary aluminum alloys to the global aluminum die-casting industry. Sales volume of specification aluminum alloys and remelted aluminum ingots/ sows from CIS countries exceeded 85,500 mt in 2000.

ACF Metals
Ultra-thin metal foils for use as accelerator targets, calibration targets, beam strippers, fiber-optic attenuators, laser targets, isotopic targets, vacuum isolating foils, nuclear targets, ultraviolet and x-ray filters, and other applications.

ACI Alloys
Silicon Valley based manufacturer of sputtering targets, evaporation sources, and specialty materials and shapes for thin film or related applications.

Acro Sales & Engineering, Inc.
Stocking distributor for solders, fluxes, babbitt metals, pewter alloys, silver brazing and other related products.

Adams Metals Limited
British traders of ores, oxides, ferro-alloys, high purity chemical, pure metals and alloys of molybdenum, rhenium, tungsten, tantalum, cobalt and boron.

Admiral Metals
US based distributor and service center of diverse metals including aluminum, brass, copper, bronze, stainless, titanium and super alloys in bar, rod, sheet, plate, tube, pipe, coil and wire forms.

Admiral Steel
Master distributor of spring, strip and alloy steels. Bars, shapes, structurals, building products and knife and sword blade steels.

Advanced Alloys
Stocking distributor of specialty high performance alloys for aerospace, medical and industrial applications.

Aichi Steel Corporation
Japanese steel manufacturer.

Aim Specialty Materials
Specializing in alloys of Indium, Tin, Lead, Bismuth, Cadmium, Gold and Gallium for a wide range of joining applications.

Aladdin Steel Inc.
Distributor of carbon steel tubing and pipe.

Alcan Aluminum Ltd.
2nd largest aluminum producer in the world. This Canadian based producer makes bulk ingot and rolled product such as sheet and foil. Production facilities are located in Canada, US, UK, EU, and Asia.

Alchemy Casting
Casting alloys. White metal alloys for jewellery and pewter making.

Alcoa Aluminum
The Aluminum Company of America is one of the world's largest aluminum producers, and fabricators.

Alfa Aesar
Global supplier of pure elements, metal alloys, high purity precious metals and research chemicals for scientific and industrial applications. Foil, rod, powder, wire, ingot, tubing, targets and more.

Algoma Steel, Inc.
Ontario, Canada based steel producer offering as rolled & heat treated sheet & plate products, welded shapes and military grade steel armour plate.

All Foils, Inc.
Distributor and service center for thin-gauge metal foils, strip or sheet. Inventory includes aluminum, copper, stainless and carbon steel, lead, nickel, and other exotic metals in gauges from .00025 to .125. Accepts Low or high quantity orders.

All Metals & Forge, LLC
Supplier of specialty steels, stainless steels, nickel and cobalt alloys, titanium alloys, aluminum magnesium, tungsten, molybdenum, tool steels, alloy & carbon steels in all mill forms, as well as, forged products and rolled seamless rings of up to 15,000 lbs.

All Tube / Microgroup
7000 sizes of tubing in the catalog. Best source for rapid delivery of small orders of precision tubing in S/S grades, Inconel, carbon steel, & titanium. Hypodermic, fractional, metric, medical grade and more.

Allegheny Technologies
Producer of specialty metals including stainless steel, nickel and cobalt alloys, superalloys, titanium alloys, specialty steels, tungsten materials and high temperature and corrosion resistant metals for aerospace, medical, automotive, and energy industries.

Allied Metal Company
On of the largest smelters of aluminum and alloyers of zinc in the U.S.. The alloys are produced in ingot, molten and sow form. Allied also purchases & brokers all types of scrap aluminum, zinc and magnesium.

Alltrista Zinc Products Co.
Supplier of solid zinc strip in a variety of alloys. Available in coils of up to 10,000 pounds each. Applications include those similar to brass, steel, aluminum and copper products, but at substantially lower cost per pound. Excellent for stamping and plating.

World leader in the production of nickel base & cobalt base superalloys, titanium alloys, and specialty steels for industries that require metals of exceptional wear resistance, corrosion resistance, heat resistance, toughness, and strength.

Almag Aluminum
Canadian aluminum extruder specializing in high quality, tight tolerance, precision aluminum extrusions using aluminum alloys: 6063, 6060, 6463, 6061, 6005, 6351.

Alpha Pipe Company
Nationwide wholesale supplier of new, surplus and used steel pipe. Offers piling, pipeline, casing, dredge, A-252, API5-L, A53-B, and structural steel pipe from 2" to 96" O.D. Full range of mobile services available. View inventory and prices online.

Altos Hornos De Mexico (AHMSA)
Fully integrated steel company based in Mexico producing hot rolled, colled rolled, and structural steel.

Alumet Supply, Inc.
New Jersey based stocking distributor of a complete inventory of mill finish aluminum sheet and coil products. Specializes in supplying pre-painted and pre-anodized aluminum sheet and coil in a variety of colors.

Aluminerie Alouette
AAI is a Canadian based primary aluminum ingot producer formed in 1989 by an international consortium of five members: Austria Metall, Kobe Steel, Marubeni Corporation, VAW and Corus group.

Aluminum Resources, Inc.
Serves the nonferrous metal casting industry as distributors, brokers, and dross processors. Offers primary & secondary aluminum ingot, aluminum master alloys, sponge titanium, primary magnesium, zinc alloys, brass & bronze ingot & related products.

Amalgamet Canada
Specializes in the marketing of minerals, metals, chemicals and high purity materials. Serves the steel, refractory, ceramic, glass, plastic, metal producing, smelting, abrasive and other industries.

American Elements Corporation
Leading U.S. based supplier of rare earth & advanced material products for research applications. Products include alum., antimony, beryllium, bismuth, cobalt, europium, germanium, indium, scandium and many others.

American Tube Technology
Manufacturer of stainless steel and specialty alloy tubing. Specialize in rapid delivery and short runs of 1000 Ft. Capabilities include .007-.313" O.D. range, metric and custom sizes. Full hypodermic range to medical quality standards.

AMETEK Specialty Metals
Offering a full range of services and products to satisfy the needs of the vacuum sputtering target materials formed from powder materials.

Ampco Metal Incorporated
Largest producer of bronze metals in North America. Offers premium copper alloys, extruded and continuous cast products, finished machined components, welding wire, extruded rod, bar, tube, sheet and plate.

Anchor Bronze & Metals Inc.
Ohio based distributor specializing in continuous cast bronze, centrifugal cast bronze, wrought copper alloy products, oil impregnated sintered bronze, finished machine parts, continuous cast iron bars and copper electro-plating anodes and more.

The world's largest gold producer, with the most extensive reserves and resources. Has interests in 24 operations around the world including the U.S., Australia, Africa and South America. Annual production reached 7 million ounces of gold in 2000.

Angstrom Sciences, Inc.
Supplier of advanced magnetrons and refined materials for plasma vapor deposition of high quality thin films. Offers a full range of deposition materials, and a comprehensive program of technical support.

Anshan Iron & Steel Group Corporation (Angang)
Super large state-owned Iron and Steel enterprise situated in the city of Anshan, China. Capacity of 10 million tons of pig iron, 10 million tons of steel and 9.50 million tons of rolled steel products annually.

Ansonia Copper & Brass, Inc.
Ansonia, Connecticut manufacturer of semi-finished copper, brass and bronze rod, wire and tubing products. Ansonia has the ability to process virgin copper and scrap into any of 71 different alloys to meet industry requirements.

Luxembourg based Arbed is the parent company of ACERALIA, SIDMAR, ProfilARBED, TrefilARBED, TradeARBED and Belgo-Mineira. Europe’s leading producer of steel flat products, long products and drawn wire products.

Arbor Metals LP
International trader, processor and stocking metal service center for all grades and thicknesses of stainless steel and aluminum strip and coil.

Integrated manufacturer of indium tin oxide (ITO) and indium tin metal (ITM) sputtering targets and a wide range of PVD materials. Alumina, zirconia, indium, tin, zinc, bismuth, silicon, chromium and titanium. Target bonding and spent target reclamation.

Argonide Nanomaterials Group
Nanosize metal powders for use in aluminized rocket fuels, microelectronics, electrically conducting materials, protective coatings & more. Alum, copper, nickel, platinum, tungsten & others.

Arris International Corp.
Single source for off-the-shelf rare earths and refractory metals in small or large quantities at attractive prices. Metals are shipped as ingots, powder, foil, wire, rods, plate, sheet or fabricated in desired shapes including sputtering targets.

Italian based steel producer. carbon and stainless tubes, hot rolled coil, precision steel strip.

Asarco, Inc.
Wholly-owned subsidiary of diversified mining company Grupo Mexico and a leading miner, refiner, and smelter of copper and zinc and other nonferrous metals. ASARCO has mines and processing facilities in the US, Canada, and Peru.

Astrolite Alloys
Inventories over 150,000 pounds of bulk wire raw material, ready for processing as needed. Also stocks a complete supply of finished welding wire in titanium, stainless steel, aluminum, nickel and cobalt-based alloys.

Astrup AS
Norwegian supplier of copper, bronze, titanium, zinc and other materials.

Atlas Bronze
Distributor of bronze, copper alloys, and iron products. Centrifugal cast bronze, continuous cast bronze, wearplates, bushings, cut plate, and self lubricating materials.

Atlas Metal Sales
Specialty metals warehouse distributing aluminum, brass, bronze, copper, lead, nickel, pewter, tin and zinc in various forms. Serves customers in all 50 states, as well as Canada and Mexico.

Avesta Sheffield
The third largest stainless steel producer in Europe, producing around 1 million tones per year. Various grades and forms available including coil, plate, rod, tube, fittings, flanges and more. Serves Nordic markets, UK and North America.

Azco Steel Co.
Stocking distributor of multiple lengths on wide flange beams, strips, sheets and pipe along with modern shearing, burning, saw cutting, and cambering facilities.

Barrick Gold Corporation
Leading international gold company with operating mines and development projects in the U.S., Canada, Peru, Chile, Argentina and Tanzania. The Company produced over 3.5 million ounces of gold in 2000. Barrick bought Homestake Mining in 2001.

Bear Metallurgical Company
Leading producers of high-purity ferroalloy products for the specialty steel, automotive and foundry industries.

Beck Aluminum
Full-line, independent distributor of primary aluminum ingot and a producer of recycled aluminum alloys. Buying and selling worldwide.

Beitai Iron & Steel General Works
Chinese integrated iron & steel company.

Bell Metals Group
Chromium metal supplier with 25 years of buying, selling, stocking chromium metal products including welding grade powder, super alloy grade lumpy material, through to high-purity chromium metal for specialty coating applications. Based in the U.K. and U.S.

Belmont Metals, Inc.
Manufacturer of non ferrous metals since 1896 for casting, plating, brazing, soldering and other uses. Specializing in aluminum, brass, bronze, beryllium copper, copper alloys, jewelry alloys, lithium copper, nickel alloys, sculpture alloys, tin shot and zinc alloys.

Benedict-Miller Inc.
Distributor of steels and grinding services. Carbon alloy, tool steel, high strength alloys and stainless.

Bengang Steel Plate (Benxi)
Chinese steel manufacturer.

BenMet NY
Small New York based metal commodity trading company supplying customers in the steel, metal alloying and chemical industries with a range of primary metals, ferro-alloys and chemical products.

Bermco Aluminum
Birmingham, Alabama based manufacturers of secondary specification aluminum alloys for the casting industry.

Big River Zinc
Producer and seller of refined zinc metal, zinc alloys, zinc powders, zinc sulfate monohydrate and zinc oxide and associated co-products. Operates an electrolytic zinc refinery located in Illinois, USA.

Billiton Plc.
London based mining and metals production company, Billiton Plc., is one of the worlds leading producers of manganese and chrome ores and alloys. Additional business sectors include bauxite, aluminum, cobalt, nickel, copper and steel.

Birmingham Metal Company, Ltd.
U.K. manufacturer of platinum and gold products for the scientific, research, glass and engineering industries. Offers sputtering targets, spinerettes, thermocouple wire, crucibles, casting vessels, electrodes and casting moulds.

BlueScope Steel Limited
Australia based metals and mining company producing iron ore, coal, copper, energy, diamonds, silver, lead zinc and steel. The BHP Steel Group produces hot & cold rolled strip, bar, structural sections, pipe and tube, and coated steel for the construction industry.

Producer of high quality mold steel and specialty steel products for forging, die casting, extrusions, stamping applications. Bohler's many products are used by the aircraft, medical and commercial industries.

Bralco Metals
California distributor of aerospace quality aluminum, copper & brass, beryllium, bronze, stainless and cold finished steel in sheet, coil, plate, rod and bar.

British Titanium Plc.
The company’s principal activity is developing and commercialising the FFC Cambridge process, a low-cost electrolytic process for the extraction of titanium metal.

Brush Wellman
Producer of beryllium copper products and other specialty alloys in strip, foil and other various forms.

Budget Casting Supply LLC
Online ordering of supplies for small commercial foundries and the home hobby foundry. Casting alloys, sand, parting dust, core binders, refractory materials, tools and thermal protection.

Buffalo Tungsten, Inc.
Independent manufacturer and supplier of high quality, low cost tungsten and tungsten carbide powders. Buffalo Tungsten produces tungsten powders in types C5 through C20 which are used for powdered metallurgy.

Sales worldwide of longitudinally welded stainless steel pipes and fittings, vessels, special piping components, and on-site installation. Has sales offices in Knesebeck, Schwedt, China, and partners in Canada, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Israel, South Africa, Korea and Indonesia.

C.S. Aluminum Corporation
Taiwan producer of aluminum products. Sheet, coil, foil, plate and ingot. Wholly owned subsidiary of China Steel Corporation.

Caiping Aluminum
Taiwanese aluminum company offering aluminum extrusion, coil and sheet, foil and tread plate. Service such as metal finishing, fabrication and assembly are also provided.

California Metal-X (CMX)
The largest manufacturer of brass and bronze ingot West of the Rocky Mountains. The Los Angeles company has been recycling, processing and packaging, copper based and copper-nickel alloys, for over forty years.

California Metal & Supply
California Metal & Supply stocks and distributes hard to find aerospace and aircraft metals. Our specialty is supplying Inconel / Nickel, Titanium, Super Alloys, A286, Aluminum, Stainless 13-8 15-5 17-4 17-7 , 4130, Invar / Kovar, Magnesium sheets, plates, bars, tube & tubing products.

California Steel Industries, Inc. (CSI)
The leading producer of flat rolled steel products in the western United States. CSI produces a wide range of products including hot rolled, cold rolled, and galvanized coil and sheet as well as electric resistance welded pipe in diameters from 4.5" to 16.0".

Cambridge-Lee Industries, Inc.
U.S. nationwide distributor and service center for aluminum, brass, copper and stainless steel products in rod, bar, sheet, coil, strip, plate, wire, and tube.

Cameco Corporation
Canadian based integrated uranium producer and a gold mine operator. Comeco is the world’s largest publicly traded uranium company. The company's uranium products are used to generate electricity in nuclear energy plants around the world.

Canada Metal
Supplier of lead, tin, and zinc based alloys and products. Bullet metal, musket lead, anodes, babbits, bricks and blocks, counterbalance, die cast, sheet lead, and solder.

Capral Aluminium
Capral, previously known as Alcan Australia, is an independent aluminum manufacturer and supplier, with over 60 years experience as a significant participant in the aluminum industry in Australia and New Zealand.

Carbon Steel Products Corp.
New Jersey based distributor of a wide variety of alloy and carbon steel plate and round bar for use in power plants, pressure vessels, tanks, heat exchangers, ships, and submarines. Military & commercial grades available.

Carn Metals
Manufactures lead free pewters and other whitemetal casting alloys for centrifugal or spin casting into vulcanised rubber moulds. Our customers make a range of finished products from jewellery to highly detailed model soldiers.

Carpenter Technology Corporation
Supplier of specialty steels, stainless, superalloys and titanium serving North America, Mexico and Europe.

Central Steel & Wire Company
Chicago based metal service center serving the Midwest and Southern United States. Products include, carbon & alloy steels, stainless, copper, brass and aluminum in forms including bar, plate, sheet, coil, tube, pipe, wire and structurals.

Central Steel Service, Inc.
Master distributor of high strength, weathering and abrasion resistant steels from coil to angles, rounds and flats.

Century Aluminum
Producer of primary aluminum in a wide array of shapes and alloys. Century has 465,000 metric-tons-per-year (mtpy) of capacity at three locations in the U.S.. Produces billet, sow, t-ingot, rolling ingot, rolling slabs, and horizontal direct chill (HDC)ingot.

Manufacturer of specialty inorganic materials for research and development communities since 1964. Product line includes metals, alloys, rare earth compounds, evaporation materials, sputtering targets, ceramic and cermet compounds and high purity materials.

Ceradyne, Inc.
Manufacturer of sputter targets for a range of thin film applications including optical, dielectric and wear. Advanced hot pressing technology enables the fabrication of dense monolithic targets with exceptionally high purity.

Cerro Copper Products
The world's largest manufacturer of copper tube. Headquartered in Illinois, Cerro recycles and refines copper scrap to produce copper tube for the plumbing market and thin-wall copper tube for the A/C, heating, refrigeration and industrial markets.

Cetab Global
Gloabal trading company titanium and stainless tubes.

U.K. based PVD processor and supplier of a full range of sputtering targets in metals, refractory, ceramics and alloys in a full range of sizes. Delivery within 1-7 days for widely used materials like gold, slver, ITO, aluminum, copper and titanium.

Changwon Specialty Steel
Korean producer of crude steel, rolled or forged products, pickled coil, steel tubes and pipes.

Chaparral Steel
Texas based steel mill producing structural steel products from recycled steel. Large beams & reinforcing bar for the construction, automotive, defense, railroad, mobile home & energy industries.

Chatham Steel Corp.
Major distributor serving more than 3,000 customers throughout the Southeast from five strategically located service centers. Primary products include carbon steel, stainless and specialty alloy steels.

Manganese has been the company's only business for almost 50 years. Chemetals can assure a reliable supply of raw materials from the mine to industries around the globe through its parent company Comilog, one of the top three manganese producers in the world.

China Great Wall Aluminium Corp.
Headquartered in Zhengzhou, with 13 subordinate factories and seven mines, three scientific research institutes and related companies. Annual capacity of one million tons of alumina, 65,000 tons of aluminum ingot, and 3,000 tons of aluminum alloy extrusion.

China Steel Corporation
The sole intergrated steel producer in Taiwan. Annual capacity is 8 million tons. 80% of CSC production is for domestic use, exporting the remaining 20%. Products include hot and cold rolled coil, sheet, plate, wire, rod, galvanized coil, billet and pig iron.

Chun Yuan Steel Co., Ltd.
Taiwan steel provider established in 1965. Business includes hot-rolled steel sheets, coils and a variety of iron and specialty steel products.

CitiSteel USA, Inc.
Carbon steel plate mill located in Delaware, USA. Serving railroad, construction, industrial equipment, highway, mining, storage tanks and shipbuilding markets.

Clama Trade S.r.l.
Italian based non-ferrous metals trader dealing in nickel and titanium alloys. Bars, sheets, tube, fittings and welding.

Minimill who recycles over 4 million tons of ferrous and non-ferrous material annually for use in the construction, machinery, automotive & transportation industries. Partner of Gallatin Steel. Products include bar, coil, billets, rebar and structural.

Coast Aluminum and Architectural
California based distributor and service center for a wide range of aluminum, copper and brass products such as sheet and coil, plate, bar, tube and pipe.

Coastal Aluminum Rolling Mills Inc.
Supplier of high quality aluminum for the aerospace and automotive industries. Large producer of light gauge alloys used for honeycomb by the aerospace industry. Also produces building products, aluminum window blind slat, aluminum packaging foil.

Cogne Acciai Speciali S.p.A.
Italian manufacturer of stainless wire rod, pickled wire rod, stainless steel round bars, tool steel, special heat resistant steel bars.

Columbia Falls Aluminum Company, LLC
Montana based producer of primary aluminum metal. 185,000 tons of ingot is produced anually. The privately owned company operates under "tolling contracts" with its clients. "Tolling" is an agreement to convert alumina to aluminum for another company.

Columbus Stainless (Pty) Ltd
South Africa's producer of stainless steel flat products.

Cominco Ltd.
Canadian based metals and mining company and one of the largest producers of zinc and lead. Additional metal products include zinc, lead, gold, silver, copper, cadmium, bismuth and indium.

Commercial Metals Company
One of the largest processors of ferrous & non-ferrous scrap metals in the U.S.. Operating 44 recycling plants it is the preferred raw material source for many metal producers and manufacturers.

Commonwealth Industries
One of North America's leading manufacturers of aluminum sheet and tubing from recycled aluminum and a manufacturer of electrical flexible conduit and prewired armored cable.

Companhia Siderúrgica de Tubarão (CST)
Brazilian manufacturer of steel.

Companhia Siderúrgica Nacional (CSN)
Brazil steel manufacturer.

Companhia Vale do Rio Doce
Based in Brazil, CVRD is one of the world's largest iron ore mining companies.

Consolidated Minerals Limited
Australian exploration and mining company that processes and exports high grade manganese ore from Western Australia to steel production markets in Japan, Korea, China and Europe.

Contractors Steel Co.
Steel distributor with four locations in Michigan and Ohio. Structurals, plate, tube, pipe, bar, sheet, plate, floor plate, expanded metal, gratings, re-rod, rail and grip strut.

Copper & Brass Sales
U.S. nationwide distributor and service center for copper, brass, bronze aluminum, carbon & stainless steel, nickel and zinc products.

North American producer of steel pipe and tubular products and the leading manufacturer of bimetallic wire and bimetallic strip products.

Major european producer of steel and aluminium. The company was formed on in 1999, through the merger of British Steel and the Koninklijke Hoogovens. Provides products to the construction, automotive, packaging, aerospace, energy and engineering industries.

Crucible Materials
New York based specialty metals producer with 25 service centers across North America and England. Crucible is a leader in producing high quality corrosion and wear resistant super alloys, stainless steels, and specialty tools steels to meet industrial and technological demands.

Crystal Bay Trading
New york buyer of precious metals everything from platinum, palladium, iridium, rhodium, tantalum, indium, gold, germanium and osmium. Over $140,000,000 purchased since 1985. Now selling platinum-iridium casting grain and wire and rare earth metals.

CSM Industries
Producer of molybdenum metal products in all forms. Offers molybdenum metal, alloys, and clad laminates for use in aerospace applications, high-temp equipment, and electronic devices. Plants, distribution, and sales offices worldwide.

Cymat Corporation
Cymat Corporation produces innovative metallic foam products for use in the aircraft, military, automotive, architecture, transportation and oil & gas industries. Products include aluminum foam panels, foam filled tubes and various 3D shapes.

Daechang Industrial Co., Ltd.
Largest brass maker in Korea.

Daewoo International Corporation
The metal division of Daewoo International Corporation consists of four groups: hot rolled steel, cold rolled & coated steel, tin plate and pipe, and stainless steel.

Daido Steel Company, Ltd.
Established in Japan in 1916, the company has become a leading special steel producer. Major products include hot-rolled and cold finished steel, bars, wire, rod, forged and cast products, strip, magnet products, stainless steel powder, and titanium.

Dalian Steel Company
China based steelmaker.

DCM DECOmetal GmbH
Austrian trading company dedicated to the international trade in iron ores, ferro alloys, noble alloys and metals. Markets served include EU Countries, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovenia, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, the Gulf countries, India, United States, China, Egypt, Canada.

De Nora Deutschland GmbH.
German supplier of a wide range of titanium and nickel materials.

Doe Run Company
North America's largest integrated lead producer. The company also produces a variety of lead-calcium alloys and wrought strip, as well as high purity copper, silver, zinc and gold from its Peruvian operation.

Dofasco, Inc.
One of Canada's largest steel producers serving customers throughout North America with high quality flat rolled and tubular steels. It makes hot and cold-rolled, galvanized, and tinplate steels for the the packaging, distribution, construction, and auto industries.

Dongbu Steel
Korean producer of cold rolled steel sheets, galvanized and prepainted steel sheets, tin plates, pipes, welded light H beams, PEB, cold heading quality wires and cold drawn steel bars.

Dongkuk Steel
Korean based steel producer.

Dubal Aluminium
Supplier of foundry alloy for the world's automotive wheel manufacturing industry and producer of high purity aluminum for compact disks and electronic components industry. Located in Dubai, UAE. The company also has offices in London and St. Louis.

Steelmaker based in Hungary.

Dynalloy, Inc.
Manufacturer of shape memory alloys specially made to be used as a solid state actuators. Dynalloy manufactures these nickel titanium alloys as small wires under the trade name of Flexinol for use in the electronic, medical, appliance, automotive, other commercial industries.

Dynamic Metals Ltd.
Dynamic Metals sources and supplies high-grade metals with no minimum order quantities and with absolute commitment to customer service.

Eastern Alloys, Inc.
Manufactures of zinc alloys using state of the art processing technology. Markets several zinc ingot products under the EAZALL trade name including: Zamak, ZA-8, ZA-12, ZA-27, AcuZinc & others.

Eaton Steel Bar Company
Cold-drawn and hot-rolled steel products.

Ed Fagan, Inc.
Distributor of specialty electronic alloys such as kovar, invar, alloy 42, moly, nickel alloys, beryllium alloys and various others used in the electronics industry.

The Aluminium Company of Egypt is a primary smelter, caster and hot rolling mill based near Luxor.

Custom melter of specialty & stainless steel alloys in the form of ingot, pig, billet, bar, & strip, plate, rings or discs. Grades melted include nickel alloys, copper-nickel alloys, Nitronic, and stainless grades 300, 400, 17-4 and 15-5.

Electronic Space Products International (ESPI)
Specialty high purity metals distributor, selling a complete line of alloys, compounds and research materials to manufacturers and scientific institutions. Foil, wire, mesh, rod, sheet, powders, sputtering targets & more.

Leading supplier of ferroalloys, silicon metal, aluminum, carbon and microsilica based in Norway. Serves the steel, foundry, chemicals, electronics, and aluminum industries.

EMJ - Earl M. Jorgenson Company
International distributor and service center for many specialty steel and aluminum products in all forms. Branches across the US, Canada and the United Kingdom.

Engelhard Joining Products Business
Manufactures many forms of silver and phosphorous brazing alloys and solder. Their Silvaloy "High Silver" compositions are suitable for brazing steel, copper, nickel, precious metals, stainless steel, copper alloys, nickel alloys and tungsten carbide.

Major fabricator and producer of precious metal alloy products from platinum and rhodium to gold and silver in virtually any form required.

Entraco Metals
India based producer of high purity cobalt and tungsten metal powders that meet international standards. Offers 400 mesh, extra-fine and ultra-fine grades.

Eramet Manganese
Eramet makes and processes superalloys, nickels, and specialty steels used by the aerospace, power generation, and tool making industries. The company is also the a leading manganese ferro-alloys producer with capacity exceeding 1 million tones per year.

Largest iron and steel company in Turkey and the only flat steel producer. It produces plates, hot and cold rolled sheet and tinplate, all to international quality standards.

ESCO Steel Distribution
Order stainless steel online 24 hours a day, seven days a week, through the ESCO STEEL Store. Get immediate online price and delivery quotes on first quality stainless bar, plate, pipe, tube and sheet products.

Esmark, Inc.
Carbon and alloy steel service center based in Chicago, Illinois. Serves midwest region.

Factory Steel & Metals Supply, Inc.
Full service metal service center stocking all of your Commercial and Aircraft quality needs based in Michigan.

Falcon Metals Group
US national distributor of specialty metals since 1959. Offers many S/S grades, nickels & super alloys, alloy steels, kovar, invar, alloy 30, alloy 42, alloy 48, alloy 52, refractory metals, titanium, magnesium and many more.

Falconbridge Limited
Canadian based mining company with operations in 14 countries. Produces nickel, ferronickel, copper, zinc, cobalt, precious and platinum group metals, cadmium and indium and sulphuric acid.

Federal Metal Company
Brass and bronze ingot manufacturing company incorporated in 1913. Centrally located and equipped to deal with brass and bronze foundries nationwide of all sizes and melting processes. Patent holder of Federalloy line of low lead brass and bronze casting alloys.

Federal Steel Supply, Inc.
Distributor of carbon & alloy pipe, tube and fitting products. Serving customers with air, land and sea shipments from service centers in Missouri and Texas.

Feralloy Corporation
One of America's largest high-volume steel processing companies. Feralloy slits, cuts and sheers cold-rolled, coated sheet and hot-rolled steel coils. This subsidiary of the German conglomerate Preussag AG operates nine plants in the U.S. and one in Mexico.

Ferguson Metals
Service center specializing in the distribution and processing of stainless steel and high temperature nickel alloys in sheet, strip and plate. Capabilities, which include slitting, edging, blanking, shearing and cutting to length.

European steel traders.

Online precision flat ground stock supplier offering extensive material inventories to leading quality standards. Grade range includes PFG stock in O1, A2, D2, S7, and low carbon in standard and oversize tolerances. Order 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

One-stop source for materials and information on foils and suppliers. Submit online RFQ's for aluminum, brass, copper, carbon and stainless steel foil products. Get details about foil production from the Knowledge Center.

Freeport-McMoRan Copper & Gold Inc.
FCX is an international mining company that explores, mines and processes ore containing copper, gold and silver in Indonesia. Produces over 1.5 billion pounds of copper and 2 million ounces of gold annually.

Mexican smelting company who focuses in copper, brass and bronze casting for industrial needs using continuous cast and sand cast processes.

Fusion Incorporated
Fusion is a leader manufacturer of paste brazing & soldering alloy products and related dispensing equipment. Several hundred varieties are available including silver, nickel and copper bearing filler metals.

Future Metals
US distributor of stainless and specialty aircraft-grade tubing, sheet, plate and bar products for medical, aerospace and instrumentation applications. Carries aluminum, stainless, nickel alloys and titanium.

G.O. Carlson, Inc.
Pennsylvania based producers of stainless steel, nickel alloys, titanium, copper-nickel alloys and specialty metals in large plate form, rings, discs, heads, tube, sheets, bars, special cut shapes and welded cylinders.

Geneva Steel
U.S based producer of steel coil, hot rolled sheet, plate, floor plate, pipe and slab products for the transportation, construction, agriculture, heavy equipment, and energy industries.

Gerdau Ameristeel Corporation
Mill products, cold drawn steel, recycling, rebar fabrication, collated nails, wire mesh and rail spikes.

GMT International
Global supplier of titanium products to numerous customers world-wide. Among them are fabricators, machineshops, forgers, valve manufacturers and stockists.

Goldendale Aluminum Company
Private primary aluminum producer in Goldendale, Washington. The company is engaged in a tolling arrangement with Norsk Hydro of Norway. Norsk provides alumina to the smelter and also markets all of smelter output.

Goodfellow Corporation
Catalog supplier of metals, polymers, ceramics & other materials for research, development and special requirements of science and industry worldwide. Excellent source for buyers in need small quantities, delivered in 24 hours.

Grandis Metals International Corporation
Titanium specialists providing titanium products for aerospace, chemical and consumer goods applications worldwide. Locations in the U.S. and Russia. Offers titanium ingots, slabs, billets and bars, plates, sheets, wire, ferro-titanium, titanium sponge and scrap.

Griggs Steel Co.
Provider of hih speed steel to the cutting tool industry for over half a century. Over 1400 inventory items in grades M-2, M-3, M-4, M-42, PM M-4, PM T-15 and PM M-48.

Grillo-Werke AG
German zinc producer that supplies customers worldwide with ingot, shot, wire, powder, strip, anodes and calots. Most of Grillo's product is exported to 70 other countries.

Grupo Simec, S.A. de C.V. (Simec)
Mini-mill steel producer in Mexico.

Gulf Wire Corporation
Louisiana manufacturer and supplier of aluminum and stainless steel welding wire.

Gunung Steel Group
Indonesian steel manufacturer of hot rolled sections such as beams and angles with a capacity of 1 million tons of steel per year.

H & H Tube & Manufacturing, Co.
One of the largest copper and brass tubing tube fabricator and redraw mills in the U.S. with O.D. sizes from 1/8" to 3 1/4" with wall. Tubes can be made round, square, rectangular, or custom designed shapes.

Hadco Aluminum
Worldwide supplier of non-ferrous metals for industry. Delivers aluminum, magnesium and related alloys worldwide from warehouses in the Eastern U.S. and affiliates around the globe. Stocks plate, sheet, wire, rod, bar, extrusions, tube, pipe, fasteners and fittings.

Hallmark Metals Corporation
Supplies the fashion jewelry and novelty industries with high performance casting metal, tin alloys and lead free pewter all over the world.

Handy & Harman Precious Metals Products Division
Leading producer of silver, platinum & palladium alloys for industrial and scientific use. Supplies rod, wire, tubing, strip, sheet, blanks, circles, anodes, grain, powders and bimetals for many industrial applications.

Haynes International, Inc.
Producers of many high performance alloys for aerospace & chemical processing applications. High temperature & corrosion resistant alloys Haynes & Hastelloy grades, Ultimet & Waspalloy.

Heflin Steel
One of the largest quality suppliers of wear plate and military and commercial armor plate in North America.

Heidtman Steel Products
Toledo, Ohio based metal cervice center. Carbon and alloy steel sheet.

Hempel Special Metals Group
International distribution of titanium, nickel alloys and specialty stainless steels for industrial applications.

Heyco Metals, Inc.
Re-rolling and strip processing facility based in Pennsylvania specializing in thin gauge strip products. Offers copper alloys, brasses, phosphor bronze alloys, cupro-nickel, nickel-silvers, nickel-iron, alum., and steel products.

Hi Performance Alloys
Stocking distributor of specialty high performance alloys such as cobalt 6B, nickels, Inconel, Nitronic, Hastelloy and others in bar, sheet, plate, wire, fastener and tubular forms.

Hi Temp Metals
Mill distributors of high temperature, corrosion resistant, electronic grades of nickel/cobalt alloy metals including Haynes, Hastelloy, Inconel, Moly, Monel, S/S, Invar, Kovar, Titanium, Tungsten, Waspalloy and more.

Hickman, Williams & Company
Services metals producers and other related industries with foundry coke, ferroalloys, briquetted alloys, specialty metals and alloys, carbon additives, abrasives, pig iron, fused silica, metal filters, coal and coke products, injection and cored wire systems.

Highveld Steel and Vanadium Corporation Limited
South African based manufacturer of steel and vanadium products.

Hillside Aluminium
South Africa's major producer of primary aluminium. A BHP Billiton Aluminium company.

Hindalco Industries, Ltd.
India's largest private sector producer of aluminum products operating 40 companies in sixteen countries. Produces primary aluminum ingot and billet, rolled products, redraw rods, extrusions, foils, fabricated parts such as aluminum alloy wheels.

Honeywell Electronic Materials
The world's largest manufacturer of sputtering targets for the semiconductor industry. Produces aluminum, cobalt, copper, tantalum, titanium, tungsten and tungsten/titanium targets of superior purity and consistency.

Hussey Copper, Ltd.
Pennsylvania based producer of copper, cupro-nickel and copper alloys in sheet, strip, plate, bar, copper tape, special shapes and segments.

Huty Katowice S.A
Poland steel producer.

Hylsamex, S.A. de C.V.
Mexico's steel source. Flat steel strip and coated sheet, tubing and pipe, rebar, wire rod, bars, billets and pellets.

Hyundai Hysco
Korean based steel pipe and cold rolled sheet manufacturer.

I. Schumann & Co.
Major manufacturer and stocking supplier of copper based ingots, inductomelt pellets and foundry products such as crucibles, plastics and cements, based in Ohio.

Imphy Ugine Precision
IUP offers the largest selection of thin and extra-thin sheets and foils in precision iron-nickel alloys and stainless steels. Primary product lines are bimetals and trimetal, magnetic, special alloys such as Invar and controlled expansion alloys.

Inchon Iron and Steel, Co.
The first steel mill established in Korea. The Hyundai group company has a capacity of three million tons per year. Inchon Produces flange shapes, casting steel, rails, I-beams, channels and wire rods. Its products are world renown for quality and reliability.

Inco Limited
One of the world's leading producers of nickel, supplying about one quarter of global demand. Inco is premier mining & metals companies with operations in 14 countries. Inco also produces copper, precious metals & cobalt products.

Indalex Aluminum
The largest, non-integrated supplier of secondary aluminum billet in North America. By recycling scrap metal into 6000 series alloy logs or cut to length billet, Indalloy Group is able to offer reduced material costs with quality comparable to primary billet.

Indium Corporation of America
Developer, manufacturer, and global supplier of specialty solders, pastes, preforms, wire, tubing, ribbon, foil, indium compounds, fusible alloys, and pure indium from commercial grade through high-purity grade.

Industria Mexicana del Aluminio, IMASA
Mexico based aluminum sheet manufacturing company with production capacity of 30,000 metric tons per year.

Industrial Metals Supply
California based industrial metal supplier stocking aluminum, copper, brass, stainless, lead, bronze and Chrom-Moly in various rod, bar, plate, sheet, tube, pipe and architectural forms.

Industrial Metals, Inc.
New York distributor serving the structural steel and ornamental metal needs of customers in New York, Pennsylvania and Canada. Offers titanium, aluminum, stainless steel, copper and brass to manufacturers, metal fabrication shops and structural erectors.

Ingot Metal Company Limited
Manufacturer of brass and bronze ingots for over sixty years. Capacity of over two million pounds per month in a full range of copper base alloys to ASTM, CDA, SAE and Military Specs. 12 distribution warehouses serve foundries across Canada and the U.S..

Inland Steel (Ispat Intl.)
One of the largest steel companies in the world with major steelmaking operations in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Germany, Trinidad, France & Ireland. Produces strip, coil & sheet, bar, wire, tubes & structurals.

Integris Metals
Leading North American value-added metals distribution company. Formed through the merger of Reynolds Aluminum Supply Company, Vincent Metal Goods and Atlas Ideal Metals. your

Intermet Metals Services, Inc.
Illinois distributor focusing on specialty brass and bronze alloys for the aircraft, military, automotive, petroleum, and bearing industries. Offers naval brass, manganese bronze, aluminum bronze, silicon bronze, nickel silver and others.

Intermetal S.A.
World-wide trading of metals and ferro-alloys for the foundry and steel industries. Well established in Eastern Europe and Far-East.

International Steel Group Inc. (ISG)
One of the newest competitors in the global steel industry. Led by CEO and president Rodney Mott and backed by WL Ross & Co. LLC, the company was formed in April of 2002 to create value through the profitable operation of globally competitive steel plants.

Ipsco Inc.
Ipsco's sole line of business is steelmaking, steel fabricating and scrap processing at it's many production facilities across the U.S. and Canada. Produces hot rolled coil and plate, tubular products. Annual sales exceeds $900 million.

Czech Republic steel producer.

J.R. Metals
Ohio based processor and distributor of excess prime and secondary flat-rolled, low carbon and stainless steel products. JRM processes and ships over 75,000 tons of material each year to various industries throughout the Midwest.

J.W. Harris Co., Inc.
Manufacturer of a broad range of clean and pure soldering, brazing and welding products. Silver-bearing, nickel-bearing, tin/lead and aluminum solders conform to Federal, NSF or ASTM specifications. Wide range of welding alloys available.

Jaco Corporation Limited
Dedicated to the production, trading and warehousing of the Chinese Silicon industry.

Jade-Sterling Steel Co, Inc.
Ohio area steel service center specializing in the distribution of carbon and alloy bar, rod by coil and wire.

James River Steel, Inc.
Virginia based distributor of corrugated products in stainless steel, aluminum, galvanized steel and fiberglass for industrial and architectural roofing, siding and decking.

Johnson Matthey
Johnson Matthey focuses on precious metals, catalysts and other fine chemicals. There are three divisions: Catalysts & Chemicals, Precious Metals and Colors & Coatings.

Julius Blum & Co., Inc.
New Jersey, U.S. based supplier of stock architectural metal products such as railing, tubing, mouldings and ornamentals in various alloys alloys including copper, brass and steel.

Kaiser Aluminum Corporation
Leading producer and marketer of alumina, primary aluminum, flat-rolled products and engineered products including high-quality extrusions, forgings and castings. Operates 22 facilities in the U.S. and five other countries. Annual sales of more than $2 billion.

Kawasaki Steel Corporation
Japan based Kawasaki is one of the largest integrated steel producers in the world. Produces plate, sheet, strip, tube, pipe, stainless steels and iron powder for global markets.

KB Alloys, Inc.
Manufacturer of innovative aluminum master alloys, serving the primary, secondary, and foundry segments of the aluminum industry throughout the world. Produces waffle ingot, notched ingot, slab, sheared and broken ingot, buttons, flake, coiled rod, cut rod and bar.

Kenwal Steel Corp.
Leading carbon anad alloy steel sheet service center serving mid-atlantic, mid-west and southeast.

Kerr-McGee Corporation
Kerr-McGee Chemical, based in Oklahoma, manufactures electrolytic and specialty products, including manganese dioxide for production of alkaline batteries, and manganese metal, used primarily to strengthen aluminum sheet products. Operates plants in Mississippi and Nevada.

Kester Solder
Leading worldwide manufacturer of solder products and related materials. Serves a wide range of electronic manufacturing industries including telecom, computer, automotive, defense, semiconductor manufacturing, and consumer electronics.

King Architectural Metals
Leading ornamental and architectural metal supply house. Choose from their large catalog of decorative wrought iron balusters, rosettes, finials, spears, balls, door and railing panels and related hardware.

Major precious metals dealer and fabricator specializing in gold products in various forms including bars, solders, wire, sheet and grain.

KM Europa Metal
KME is one of the largest manufacturer of copper and copper alloy products. KME is a wholly owned subsidiary of the SMI (Società Metallurgica Italiana).

Knight Strip Metals
Based in England, The Knight Group trades precision strip metal internationally in 33 countries around the world.

Kobe Steel, LTD.
One of Japan's largest steel producers and a top supplier of aluminum and copper products. Other businesses include welding consumables, urban infrastructure and plant engineering services, and industrial machinery.

Lapham-Hickey Steel
Strip steel, flat wire, tin plate, bar steel, spring steel, steel tubing sheet steel, stainless steel.

Leavitt Tube Company
One of the largest tube producers in the United States. Converts high quality steel from the world's leading mills into structural tubing, mechanical tubing and structural pipe.

Leroux Steel, Inc.
Canadian based steel service centers with over 25 locations offering carbon and alloy steels and special processing to customers in the Atlantic, Northeast, Midwest and Southeast regions.

Lewis Brass & Copper Co., Inc.
Brass and copper tubing supplier with service centers in New York and Los Angeles areas. Offering round tube, half round, channel & ornamental. Sheet, coil and bar are also available.

LNM Group
Indonesia based, global steel superpower with steelmaking capacity of 15 million metric tons annually, and non-core activities ranging from coal and power to shipping and rail transportation. Serves markets in over 70 countries.

LTV Steel Company, Inc.
Manufactures flat rolled steel & tin mill products. Serving transportation, appliance, container and electrical equipment markets. Additional products include mechanical, structural and S/S tube products, bimetallic wire and strip products.

Lucas-Milhaupt, Inc.
Suppliers of a complete line of metal joining products and services including filler metals, specialty alloys, pastes, wires, powders, rods, strips, preforms, solders, fluxes and precious metal braze alloys.

Lucchini SpA
Italian steel producer.

Luxembourg Company of Metals & Alloys
LCMA manufactures, stockists and distributes in Europe various long products from titanium, ferrotitanium, and other alloys for industrial applications.

Lynch Metals, Inc.
Aluminum brazing specialists providing a complete line of aluminum brazing sheet and foil products. Serves the aerospace, automotive and heat transfer industries.

M&M Aerospace Metals
Florida based distributor serving the needs of the Aerospace Industry with a complete line of aircraft quality materials. Fully certified sheet, plate, coil, tubing, bar, forgings, and extruded shapes.

Mac Metals Inc.
Producer of brass extrusions, bronze extrusions and nickel silver extrusions for all markets including architectural, hardware, machinery, furniture, valves, and electrical.

U.S. nationwide service center and distributor of alloy steels, stainless products, specialty alloys and aluminum sheet, plate, bar, rod, tube and structural.

Magnitogorsk Iron & Steel Works
Russia based enterprise ranking among the world's 20 largest steelmaking companies. MKK produces a broad range of steel products, over 60% for international markets. Offers cold formed sections, flat products, coated rolled products and long products.

Magnolia Metal Corporation
Nebraska based producer of continuous cast bronze alloys and bearings.

Majestic Steel Service USA
Cleveland, Ohio based carbon and alloy steel service center serving the midwest.

Maksteel, Inc.
Ontario based steel service center processing, packaging, and delivering quality sheet and coil to the automotive industry and other manufacturers of metal products through the use of state-of-the-art machinery, and handling and JIT delivery capabilities.

Malayawata Steel Berhad
Malaysian steel mill and one of the first integrated steel mill in South East Asia.

Marketech International, Inc.
Washington based supplier of sputtering targets and evaporation materials, powders and raw materials, sapphires, engineered ceramics, superconductors, single crystals, aerogels and more.

Marmon/Keystone Corporation
North American distributor and service centers for aluminum, brass, alloy steel and stainless bar, pipe and tubing products. Over 25 service centers from California to Florida to Canada.

Maverick Tube Corporation
One of the top manufacturer of API oil country tubular goods, API and CSA line pipe, and ASTM and CSA structural tubing, standard pipe and pipe piling for oil and gas industry and for transportation, agricultural, and construction applications.

McJunkin Corp.
Major supplier of pipe and tube products with over 100 facilities in North America, Mexico and South America. Alloys include: carbon and stainless, copper, brass and aluminum.

Amazing catalog of over 300,000 industrial products including sections on metal, metalworking tools, hardware and machinery. Aluminum, steel, copper & titanium & more. No order minimums.

Catalog supplier of a wide range of perforated metal products including bar grating, expanded metal, wire cloth, Tread-grip, Grate-lock, grip struts, diamond plate, handrails, fiberglass grating, flooring and more. Has 23 locations in the U.S. and Mexico.

Mechanical Metals, Inc.
Pennsylvania based distributor of flattened expanded metal, spring steel, expanded metal grating, perforated metals, bar grating, wire cloth and textured metals. Offers carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, welded, galvanized and painted.

Mechel Steel Group
Russian metals and mining company, uniting producers of steel, rolled products, hardware, coal, iron ore concentrate, and nickel. Products are marketed internationally.

Memry Corporation
Global leader in the development and manufacturing of semi-finished materials such as wire, strip, tubing, components and assemblies utilizing Nitinol for a variety of applications in the medical, automotive, military, appliance and industrial markets.

Metal Foils, LLC
Service centers for fine quality foils and light gauge strip products with locations in Ohio, California and North Carolina. Processes aluminum, stainless, copper alloys and carbon steel in gauges from .0005" - .049".

Metal Link Alloys Ltd.
India manufacturers and exporters of copper alloy ingots, bronze ingots, gun metal and aluminium bronze.

Metal Mart - Metal Express
Metal Express's online catalog has over 5000 stock metal items to order via the web or by phone or fax. Aluminum, brass, bronze, copper, cast iron, drill rod, stainless sheet, wire and much more.

Metal Ravne Steel Company
Slovenian manufacturer of tool steels, stainless steel, and other specialty steels. The 375-year-old company exports more than 70% of its production and has sales and distribution across the world.

Metal Services International, Inc.
Distributor of carbon steel, stainless, copper, brass, bronze, aluminum and welding alloys. Their 11 facilities across the eastern U.S. stock coil, sheet, plate, bar, rod tube and pipe and wire.

Metal Shorts
Steel, aluminum, stainless steel distributor. Small and large quantities of metal, when you need them.

Metal Supermarkets
"The convenience stores of the metal industry." Over 60 locations across the U.S., Canada, U. K., and Scotland. Purchase aluminum, carbon and stainless steel, brass, bronze, copper, titanium and other exotic alloys from stock with no minimum buy requirements.

Metallurg Group
Leading international producer and supplier of high quality metals and metal alloys used by manufacturers of steel, aluminium, super alloys, chemicals, and other metal-consuming industries. Sells more than 500 different products to over 3,000 customers worldwide.

Metals USA, Inc.
Rapidly growing American service center offering carbon and alloy steel, stainless, copper & brass, aluminum, titanium and various superalloys.

Online metals store for small quantities of steel, aluminum, cold finished steel, stainless steel, brass and tool steel. No minimum orders. Fast delivery.

Micron Metals, Inc. - AEE
Supplier of high purity metal powders and compounds only. Carries everything from aluminum to zirconium in powder, flake, shot, ingot. See the catalog with material descriptions and properties here.

Midrex Technologies
Supplier in the direct reduction of iron ore. Each year the MIDREX Direct Reduction Process has produced more than 60% of the world's Direct Reduced Iron (DRI). DRI is a high-purity metallic iron used in steelmaking, ironmaking and foundry applications.

Miller and Company LLC
Leading supplier of foundry and steel raw materials and supplies. Briquetted alloys, silicon carbide grain, sorelmetal, pig iron, INCO Nickel, Milco carbon, ferrophosphorous, ferro-alloys, ferrosilicon based inoculants, desulfurizers and refractories.

Miller Company
Integrated manufacturer of copper base alloys including phosphor bronze, nickel silver, leaded nickel silver and copper alloy strip. The Miller Company serves the electronics industry and other demanding markets that require high quality copper based alloy strip.

Milward Alloys, Inc.
Manufacturers of aluminum and copper based master alloys for the casting industry.

Mitsubishi Materials
One of the world's largest supplier of sputtering targets for depositing thin-film coatings on optical information media, such as minidiscs, magneto-optical disks, DVD-RAM disks, and CD-RW disks. Manufactures target materials in Taiwan and Japan.

Monarch Brass & Copper Corp.
Distributor and processor of various brass and CDA copper mill products. Offers coil and strip and round, hex or square rod. New York and Connecticut facilities are capable of re-rolling & slitting.

MSC Industrial Supply Co.
Huge online industrial catalog with a good selection of raw materials. Order small or large amounts of aluminum, brass, bronze, copper, iron, nickel, steel and titanium from stock. in many forms including bar, coils, foil, plate, sheet, shim stock, tubing, wire and wire cloth.

Mueller Industries, Inc.
Leading manufacturer of copper tube, brass and copper rod, bar and shapes, aluminum and brass forgings and extrusions, fabricated tubular products, fittings and valves. Mueller's plants are located throughout the U.S., Canada, France, and Great Britain.

Mukand Ltd
Electric arc furnace steelmaking complex in India.

Nacobre S.A.
Major mexican copper strip, copper tube and aluminum strip supplier.

Namasco Corp.
International supplier of carbon and alloy steel, stainless steel as well as aluminum in various forms such as sheet, plate, bar, pipe, tube and more.

National Bronze & Metals Inc.
Producer and distributor of a comprehensive range of copper and copper alloy rod, bar, wire, sections and hollow bar. Produces alloys from C836 through C978, and other made to order alloys. Offer direct mill shipments or stock deliveries to meet your requirements.

National Metals
Brass and bronze ingot manufacturer and aluminum ingot dealer located in Alabama. National is a buyer of scrap brass, aluminum and non-ferrous metals.

National Steel
National Steel is the fourth-largest integrated steel company in the United States. Supplies hot and cold rolled sheet, Galvanized flat sheet and Galvalume to the automotive, construction and container industries.

NatSteel Ltd
Singapore steel mills.

Nevatia Steel & Alloys Pvt. Ltd.
Stainless steel wire manufacturer based in India. Produces .015" to .400" diameter wire in many tempers and finishes for applications including springs, screws, rivets, nails, sieves, wire mesh, fasteners, kitchenware, electrodes and welding purposes. ISO-9002.

Newmont Mining Corporation
Second largest gold producer in the world and the largest in North and South America. The Denver, Colorado based company is engaged in the production of gold and copper, as well as the exploration and acquisition of gold properties worldwide.

Ney Metals
Supplier of white metal casting alloys, centrifugal spin casting alloys, gravity pour alloys, solders, pewter, pellets, pastes and fluxes, tin, zinc, antimony, bismuth, silver and lead. Blends thousands of different alloys for a variety of industries since 1867.

Nichols Aluminum
Mini-mill producing quality flat rolled aluminum sheet from predominantly recycled materials. One of the most efficient and environmentally friendly aluminum sheet producers in North America.

Nichols Wire
Leading manufacturer of bare mechanical aluminum alloy wire ranging from .010" to .688" diameter. Aluminum nails and screw machine rod are also produced.

Nikko Materials
Offers sputtering targets for use in the optical thin film market. Major global supplier of ITO (indium tin oxide) for use in flat panel display manufacturing. Other sputtering materials are available including molybdenum, tungsten, aluminum alloys, and titanium.

Nippon Light Metal Company (NLM)
Japanese aluminum company that processes bauxite ore into alumina, smelts primary aluminum and fabricates finished goods. The company also produces aluminum ingot, aluminum sheet, extrusions and a variety of specialty chemicals.

Nippon Steel
One of Japan's largest steel producers.

Japan based steelmaker and engineering company established in 1912. Major products and services include steel sheet, plate, bars, sections, tube, pipe, shipbuilding, construction, industrial machinery, industrial plants, steel structures and shipbuilding.

Noranda, Inc.
Canadian based mining and metals company & one of the world's largest producers of zinc and nickel. Noranda also a produces copper, primary and fabricated aluminum, lead, silver, gold and cobalt.

Nordic Aluminum
Iceland aluminum smelting facility owned and operated by Columbia Ventures Corporation (CVC) headquarters in Vancouver, Washington in the United States.

Norfolk Iron & Metal Co.
Volume steel service center with over 5,000 items in inventory.

Normandy Mining Limited
Australia’s largest gold company, globally active in exploration, mining and mineral processing. Normandy is the seventh largest gold producer in the world with operations in Australia, USA, New Zealand, Turkey, Chile, Brazil, Canada and Côte d’Ivoire.

Norsk Hydro ASA
Norway's largest industrial company is the third largest aluminium producer in the world. Operates in the energy, agriculture, petrochemical and light metals markets. Materials include primary aluminium, extrusions, auto structures, rolled products and magnesium.

North American Palladium, Ltd.
Canada's only primary producer of palladium. The company operates an open pit mine near Thunder Bay in northern Ontario, which also produces platinum, gold, cobalt, copper and nickel as by-products.

Northwest Aluminum Company
Oregon based primary aluminum producer with a capacity of 90,000 tons per year. Produces billets and ingots in many diameters. Alloys include the 1XXX - 7XXX series and Direct Forge™ ingot for hot and cold impacts or forgings.

Novamerican Steel, Inc.
Ontario based metals distributor with 12 facilities in Central Canada and two in the U.S. Processes and distributes carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum products. Also offers flat-rolled processing and roll forming to customer specifications.

Mini-mill producer of steel and steel products. Produces and sells hot-rolled and cold-rolled steel prudcts. Angles, billets, blooms, beams, rounds, flats, channels, sheet, beams, pilings, and plate.

O'Neal Steel, Inc.
Distributor of carbon and alloy steels, stainless steel, aluminum and brass products. Serving most central and western United States.

Ocean International
Global supplier of duplex and super duplex stainless steels, 6moly and titanium products for the offshore oil, gas and petrochemical industries. Worldwide rush shipping of products to NORSOK, ASME, ANSI standards.

Olin Brass
Producers of a wide range of copper-based alloy products including high performance alloys, aluminum, stainless steel, nickel, bronze and beryllium copper in the form of strip, sheet, foil, fineweld tube and fabricated parts.

Oliver Steel Plate Co.
Steel plate service center specializing in stocking, processing, and distributing carbon & alloy steel plate. Also provides stainless steel, aluminum and nickel.

Olympic Steel
Steel service center and distributor of hot rolled, cold rolled, stainless and coated steel, coil, sheet, plate and tube. Serving Northeast, mid and southern U.S states.

Online metal service center offering 24 hour shipping from its catalog of aluminum, copper, brass, bronze, titanium and tool steel. Orders accepted for any quantity for industrial or hobbiest applications.

Oregon Steel Mills, Inc.
North American group of mini-mills which produce diversified steel products such as coil, plate, pipe, tubulars, wire, rod & bar, rebar, semi-finished billets and railroad rail.

Ormet Corporation
Among the top four producers of primary aluminum in the United States and a leading supplier of aluminum products. Offers specialty alumina, primary aluminum, fabricated products and recycling processes. Operates seven facilities in five states.

Outokumpu is a Finnish metals group operating worldwide. The company focuses on base metals production, stainless steel & copper products such as flat rolled, pipes and fittings.

Parker Steel Co.
Steel distributor that stocks Metric dimensional metals. Get metric sized metals in rounds, hexagons, squares, and flats, TG&P shafting, chrome plated shafts, tubing, threaded rod, sheets, plates, shims, angles, channels, beams, re-bars, and drill rod in millimeter sizes.

Pasminco Limited
The world's largest integrated zinc and lead producer, supplying 8% of global demand for finished zinc and 4% of global demand for lead metal. Australian based, Pasminco is also the third largest silver producer in the world.

PDM Steel Service Centers
The service center divisions of Pitt-Des Moines, Incorporated. Distributes a broad range of heavy carbon steel products from its 10 North American facilities. Offers structural products such as wide flange beams, structural pipe and tube, plate, strip, rounds, and sheet.

Pechiney SA
France's metal giant Pechiney, produces primary aluminum, ferroalloys, flat-rolled aluminum products including foil and sheet, aluminum extrusions, and metal and plastic packaging material.

Pennex Aluminum Company
Aluminum extrusion plant located in south-central Pennsylvania. Services the commercial and residential building products, transportation, distribution, and consumer durable markets.

Perforated Metals Plus
Stocking distributor of hundreds of perforated metal and plastic products, wire cloth, expanded metal and grating. Material is available in standard sizes and can be supplied cut to size. Competitively priced products delivered within 24 hours.

Peñoles Metals & Chemicals
Mexican based organization supplying the U.S and Canada with refined precious metals such as gold and silver, copper and other base metals, zinc, lead and related chemicals.

Phelps Dodge Corporation
Second largest producer of copper in the world. Operates mining and manufacturing facilities in over 25 countries. Produces continuous-cast copper rod, wire and cable products and specialty chemicals and molybdenum.

Phoenix Tube Company, Inc.
Pennsylvania based manufacturer of ornamental and structural stainless steel tube and bar products.

Placer Dome, Inc.
North America's third largest gold mining company. The Vancouver, Canada based company operates 15 mines throughout the U.S., Canada, South Africa, Chile, Australia and Papua New Guinea. Annual gold production totaled 3.0 million ounces in 2000.

Plasmaterials, Inc.
California supplier of a complete line of PVD deposition materials. Commercial grades to the highest purity zone refined Ultra Pure grades. Offers sputtering targets, powders, granules, shot, wire, and bar stock of nearly every element on the periodic table.

Platt Brothers & Company
200 year old supplier of zinc, zinc alloys and other non-ferrous materials for use in the automotive, electronic, research, marine, construction and architectural industries. Products include alloy wire, rod, strip, ribbon anodes, plate and shot.

Plymouth Tube Company
Global supplier of specialty tubing, operating mills in the U.S. and the United Kingdom. Offers seamless & welded tube products and extrusions in alum., carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, nickel based alloy and titanium.

Pohang Iron & Steel Co., Ltd. (POSCO)
Korean based POSCO is one of largest steel producers in the world with annual production exceeding 25 million tons. The company supplies hot rolled steel coil, plate, wire rod, sheet and stainless product to over 60 counties around the globe.

Polema Inc.
High-tech Russian facility specializing in metal powders, sputtering targets and arc cathodes for electronics and aerospace industries. Materials include electrolytic refined chromium and nickel chromium alloy.

Poongsan Corporation
Largest supplier of fabricated copper and copper alloy products in Korea. Holds a considerable share in the international copper products market.

Praxair MRC
Division of Praxair Surface Technologies, Inc. and a leading manufacturer of high performance physical vapor deposition sputtering targets for thin film deposition applications in the semiconductor, data storage and inkjet markets.

Precision Specialty Metals, Inc.
California based rolling mill producing light gauge, flat rolled stainless steel and high performance alloys. Nickel based and cobalt based alloys, and many S/S grades are available in thicknesses from .005" to .080".

Precision Tube Company
Manufacturer of non-ferrous seamless tubing and pipe ranging in diameter from .010" to 2.5" inches in many alloys including CDA copper, brass, bronze, cupro-nickel, nickel-silver and aluminum.

President Titanium
Distributor specializing in titanium only. Has been serving the aerospace and medical industry for over 25 years. Ship most orders in 1-2 business days.

Primary Steel, Inc.
Connecticut based steel service center.

Principal Metals
Specialty metals distributor with wide selection of hard to find specialty alloys. Offers alloy steels, alum., copper, irons, magnesium, metal matrix, pure elements, refractory alloys, stainless, superalloys, titanium and more.

Process Materials, Inc.
Pleasanton, California based full-service thin film materials provider. Offers sputtering targets, backing plates, plasma spray, wire flame spray, bonding service, rotatable targets and vacuum equipment.

Pure Tech, Inc.
New York supplier serving the vacuum thin film coating industry. Offers virtually any ceramic, precious, or non-precious PVD material. Target configurations in pure metals, precious alloys, cermets, borides, carbides, flourides, nitrides, silicides and others.

Purity Casting Alloys, Ltd.
Manufacturing of non-ferrous alloys including zinc alloys, aluminum, pewter, bismuth and antimony for industry or hobbyist. Products include marine anodes and foundry ingots for sand casting, die casting, pressure casting and gravity casting.

Quanex Corporation
Texas based manufacturer of value-added engineered steel bars, aluminum flat-rolled products, and engineered, formed-metal products. The Company operates three divisions with 14 steel and aluminum manufacturing and fabrication plants in the United States.

R.I. Lampus Company
North American producer of silicon carbide and silicon briquettes for the iron foundry and steel industries, as well as a significant supplier of bagged metallurgical grade silicon carbide grain.

Rahns Specialty Metals, Inc.
Major manufacturer of precision-rolled stainless steel and nickel alloy strip used for a variety of applications. Member of the Usinor Group.

Marketing firm established by the Russian Federal Research Center for promotion of Russian hi-tech technologies and materials into the world market. Manufactures and supplies sputtering targets & evaporation materials for thin film applications.

Rautaruukki Corporation
Finland steel manufacturer.

Finland steel producer.

Reade Advanced Materials
Global distributor of high technology metal, alloy, mineral, ceramic, composite, and custom particle compositions. Reade Advanced Materials offers more than 3,500 alloy powders. Powder processing services are also available.

Reading Alloys, Advanced Engineered Materials
Developer and manufacture of high-grade ferrous and non-ferrous master alloys, specialty powders and engineered materials for the aerospace and military industries. Offers a wide range alloys including chromium, niobium, titanium and vanadium.

Regal Steel Co.
Colled rolled spring steel specialists. Distributes annealed spring steels, hardened and tempered spring steels and MartINsite.

Reliance Steel & Aluminum Co.
California based service center with over 60 facilities across the U.S. and Europe. Offering carbon and stainless steel alloys, aluminum and copper in coil, strip, sheet, plate, bar, pipe, tube, and extrusions.

Revere Copper Products, Inc.
Manufacturer of copper alloy rolling mill products such as cupro-nickel, brass, bronze and copper plate, strip for electrical, industrial, telecom, HVAC, interior and exterior architectural applications.

Richmand Cold Finished Bar & Shaft. Inc.
Metric steel service centre specializing in precision ground, cold finished bar and suitable for various applications including metric pump shafts and metric hydraulic cylinders.

Rio Algom Metals Distribution (RAMD)
One of the largest metals distribution businesses in North America. Has over 25,000 customers and $1.5 billion in sales. Purchases stainless and carbon steel, aluminum, copper, brass and nickel alloys direct from mills and processes them as required.

Rio Tinto
One of the world's leading metals and mining enterprises. The global company primarily produces industrial minerals, copper and coal, and also mines aluminum, iron, gold and diamonds. Has operations in North America, Chile, Australia, Europe, and New Zealand.

Ritchey Metals Company, Inc.
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania based producer of zinc casting alloys #2, #3, #5, #7, #8, #12, and #27, zinc hardeners, and galvalume. Primary alloy production capacity exceeds 5,000 tons per month. Recycling of customer scrap material also available.

Riva Group
Italian conglomerate of companies operating in the iron and steel production industry and related activities.

RMI Titanium
Supplier of titanium metal products to global customers. Products are used for aerospace, industrial, medical and consumer applications and include ingot, billet, plate, bar, strip, sheet, tube and pipe.

Rolled Alloys
Global supplier of heat resistant, corrosion resistant, and high temperature alloys in plate, sheet, strip, bar, pipe, fittings and welding materials. Facilities In the United States, Europe, Asia, Canada, Mexico and the U.K.

Rouge Industries, Inc.
The eighth largest integrated steel manufacturer in the United States. The Dearborn, Michigan based company has been producing high quality flat-rolled carbon steel products for the automotive industry and related markets for over 75 years.

Largest producer of primary aluminum in Russia and second largest producer in the world. Also produces non-aluminum products including silicon, ferrosilicon and gallium.

Russel Metals, Inc.
Canadian based metal service center covering the central United States and all of Canada. Provides alloy steel, stainless products, copper, brass and aluminum in sheet, bar, plate, pipe, tube, rod and more.

Ryerson-Tull, Inc.
One of the largest U.S. nationwide distributor of carbon & specialty steel, S/S, nickel based alloys, copper, brass & bronze, and aluminum in forms such as rod, bar, structurals, sheet, pipe & tube

Norwegian supplier to the oil and gas industry. Provides piping, fittings and flanges. One of the largest stockholders of piping material in Scandinavia.

SABIC Metals
One of the largest steel producers in the middle east. Produces nealy 4 million tons of long and flat steel products, representing 27% of the total Arab countries’ production.

Salzgitter AG
German steelmaker.

Sambo Copper Alloy Co., Ltd.
Japanese copper and brass strip manufacturer. Founded in 1935, Sambo Copper is now a member of the Mitsubishi Materials Group.

Samuel, Sons & Co.
Leading North American service center and distributor with over 40 facilities offering carbon and stainless steel, copper, brass and aluminum in most forms.

Sandmeyer Steel Company
Producer of stainless steel and nickel alloy plate products since 1952.

Global steel supplier offering bar, billet, electropolished products, pipe and tubing, sheet, plate, wire and medical implant grade steel. They are also one of the top manufacturers of precision cutting tools for turning, milling and drilling.

Saudi Iron & Steel Company (Hadeed)
Fully integrated steel producer in Saudi Arabia. Offers a broad range of long products and flat steel products ranging from hot rolled, cold rolled and galvanized coils.

Sawson International
Ajman, United Arab Emirates based suppliers of steel pipe, tubes, and related products. Offers galvanized pipe, tubes, angles, seamless and welded tubes and cold rolled and galvanized sheets and coils to customers worldwide.

Schnitzer Steel Industries, Inc.
Schnitzer operates in the metal processing and recycling business, mini-mill steel manufacturing and self-service used auto parts salvage business.

Schuur Metals, Inc.
California based distributor of high temperature and corrosion resistant materials for aerospace, chemical processing, and electronics industries. Nickel and cobalt alloys, stainless steel, and titanium are available in sheet, strip, bar, foil, and wire.

Schwarzkopf Technologies Corp.
Offers the largest and most complete range and inventory of refractory metal products in North America. World leader in the production of high performance materials and components.

Scientific Tube, Inc.
U.S. manufacturer of TIG welded stainless steel tubing. Exotics such as incolloy, inconel, and titanium are also available.

Scott Stainless Steel, Inc.
Chicago based stainless steel service center specializing in flat rolled products. 201, 301, 304, 316, 317, 409, and 430 alloy coils and sheets. Offers precision processing including slitting, edging, cutting-to-length, polishing, and shearing.

Security Steel Processing
Processor of steel coil and other materials based in Michigan.

Seowan Brass Co.
Korean brass ingot supplier.

Sequoia Brass & Copper
Hayward, California supplier of brasses, copper alloys, beryllium alloys, bronze, nickel alloy, stainless and aluminum products. Specializes in oxygen-free copper products in most forms.

Shanghai Baosteel Group Corporation
Baoshan Iron & Steel was reorganized into SBGC by absorbing Shanghai Metallurgical and Meishan Iron & Steel resulting in one of the largest iron and steel conglomerates in China. Produces steel for autos, oil tubes, ship plates and construction.

Shape Memory Applications, Inc.
SMA, a leader in the Nitinol industry, supplies a full range of Nitinol based superelastic and shape memory alloys in wire, ribbon, sheet, foil, microtubing and fabricated components to the medical, dental, aerospace, telecom, and consumer industries.

Sheffield Steel Corporation
Regional mini-mill producer of hot rolled steel bar products, rebar, fabricated products, fence posts, railroad track spikes, and billets. Facilities in Oklahoma, Illinois and Missouri.

Sherritt International
Canadian company with assets of $2 billion. Sherritt's span of operations includes the exploration and production of oil and natural gas reserves worldwide, coal production and a vertically-integrated commodity nickel/cobalt metals business.

Shin Wen Ching Metal Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Taiwanese aluminum alloy ingot manufacturer, exporter and importer.

Shor International Corporation
Metals for casting models and sample lines. Pewter simulated gold, nickel silver and 20,000 products, primarily for the jewelry industry and craftsmen.

Shougang Group
Chinese steel manufacturer.

Showa Denko
Japanese producer of specialty chemicals, inorganic materials, petrochemicals and aluminum materials. The aluminum sectors produces continuously cast rods, ingots, sheets, blanks as well as fabricated hot and cold forgings.

Siderúrgica del Orinoco (SIDOR), C.A.
Venezuelan steel producer.

Siderúrgica del Turbio, S.A.
Steel company in Venezuela, manufacturing steel products for domestic and international markets. Fulfilling technical requirements established by AFNOR, ASTM, BSI, CSA, DIN, ICONTEC, JIS and NBR standards.

Sigmund Cohn
New York precious metals fabricator specializing in wire products.

Sipi Metals Corp.
Manufacturer of brass and bronze alloys, master alloys and a refiner of precious metal scrap from electronics, chemical, photographic, and aerospace industries.

Slice of Stainless
Ohio, USA based distributor for small orders of stainless steel sheet from 7 gauge to 28 guage in 301, 303, 304, 316, 321, 347, 17-4, 625, 718 grades and more. Have a look at the cataloged inventory list.

Slovakia aluminum producer of extrusion billets, primary foundry alloys, pre baked anodes and standard aluminium ingots.

Slovenske Železarne
Slovenian steelworks.

Small Parts, Inc.
Excellent source of materials, small tools and mechical parts for prototype builders, engineers, model makers and artisans. Offers 100,000 products including aluminum, brass, copper, bronze, steel and titanium in bars, rods, sheets, tubing. No minimum orders!

Smorgon Steel Group Limited
Australia's largest vertically integrated producer of steel.

Soleras Ltd.
Biddeford, Maine based supplier to the vacuum coating industry for over 20 years. Offers sputter targets, metallic bonding, original and enhanced backing plates, shields, insulators and other vacuum metalization related spare parts.

Sophisticated Alloys, Inc.
Manufacturers of vacuum melted metals and alloys. Specializes in applications which require precision metallurgy in small quantities. Custom vacuum melting and casting, sputtering and evaporation sources and research materials.

SOS Metals, Inc.
Offers a full line of flat-rolled steel products.

Southern Steel Group
Malaysian Steel Group with over 30 years of experience and expertise in steel products manufacturing. Steel bars and wire rod.

Southwestern Ohio Steel, Inc (SOS)
Steel service center offering aluminized, galvanized, galvalume, galvanneal, electro galvanized, cold rolled, and prepaint product to U.S. appliance, automotive, HVAC, construction, furniture & electronics industries.

Supplier of building wire and cable, utility cable products, industrial power cable, copper and aluminum rod, cord products, machining, fabrication, and engineering services, continuous casting technology, communications cable.

Specialloy, Inc.
Chicago based specialty casting house specializing in copper-based alloys, including high copper alloys, aluminum bronzes, and copper nickels. Master alloys, casting alloys, billet rounds, and slab cakes produced to custom or industry specifications.

Specialty Steel & Forge
Supplier of exotic alloys, open-die forgings & rolled rings. Alloys include carbon & stainless, copper alloys, cobalt alloys, nickel alloys, titanium, alum., magnesium, super alloys and refractory alloys such as moly, tungsten, rhenium and vanadium and others.

Canadian based aluminum tubing manufacturer that specializes in the fabrication and transformation of drawn aluminum tubing and extrusions. Over 9,000 draw dies and mandrels on-site for rapid delivery of standard tubing or custom fabrications.

Sputtering Materials, Inc.
Source for targets, backing plates and bonding.

Standard Steel & Wire
Indiana distributor of prime quality steel product.

Stanford Materials
Supplier of high quality rare earth products to customers in the research and development fields. High purity technical grade materials and chemicals of up to 99.9999% purity.

Worldwide steel traders based in Germany.

Steel Asia
Philippine steel rebar mill.

Steel Dynamics, Inc.
Producer of steel hot band, cold rolled sheet, building products, structural steel and rail products, basaed in Indiana.

Steel Technologies
Intermediate steel processor of flat rolled steel to close tolerances for industrial customers who require precise type, thickness, width, temper, finish and shape for manufacturing.

Steel Warehouse Co, Inc.
South Bend, Indiana based integrated steel service center providing production-ready steel product for metal stampers, formers, fabricators and manufacturers in a 25 states area. Hot and cold rolled strip, sheet and more.

Steelscape, Inc.
Produces cold-rolled, metallic-coated and painted steel coils for the construction market in the United States and Canada.

Stelco, Inc.
Canada's largest steel producer, with an annual capacity of 6.1 million tons. The integrated steel producer and minimill makes hot & cold rolled sheet, coated sheet steel, plate, bar, wire rod, pipe and tubular products for automakers, builders, service centers.

Strategic Minerals Corporation is one of the world's leading vanadium producing companies helping the steel, chemical and titanium industries improve their processes and develop better products.

Strategic Aerospace Materials
New York based service center for electronic alloys, high temperature and nickel alloys, stainless and alloy steels, aluminum, copper, titanium, tantalum, and hard to find exotics.

Strategic Metal Investments Ltd.
Strategic Metal Investments Ltd. (SMI Ltd.) is a diversified metal trading, marketing and investment company with operations in North America and China.

Straub Metal
Leading supplier of 409/439 stainless steel coil, sheet and bar to metal service centers, OEM's, fabricators, and other users throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico. Cutting, fabrication and assembly services available.

Belgium based metals trading firm active in the trading of metals, ferro-alloys, and foundry supplies on a world-wide basis, since 1934. Trading in boron, antimony, cobalt, graphite electrodes, chromium, phosphorous, silicon, tungsten, and other metals.

Sumitomo Metal Industries, Ltd.
Japan based Sumitomo is one of the largest steel producers in the world. Produces steel, stainless steel and titanium in forms including flat rolled products, bar, rod, tubes, pipes, plate, railway, automotive and machinery parts.

Supra Alloys, Inc.
Distributors of commercially pure and alloy titanium for the aerospace, medical, commercial, industrial and recreational markets. Offers foil, sheet, plate, bar, tube and pipe through their warehouses in California, Arizona and Delaware.

Sure Pure Chem Metals
Precious metals fabricator offering products produced from gold, platinum, rhodium, silver and other high purity metals such as antimony, bismuth, cadmium, copper, indium, nickels and inconels.

Ta Chen International Corp.
Supplier of stainless plate, sheet, round bar, welded tubing, pipe flange, valves and fittings. Six service centers across the United States. Order material online.

Tally Metal Sales, Inc.
Distributor of metals to the electroplating industry. One of the largest suppliers of cadmium, copper, phos-copper, nickel, tin and zinc anodes. Available in balls, nuggets, bar, wire, squares, rounds, flattops and dust.

Target Materials, Inc.
Full service manufacturer of high performance thin film materials, providing a wide range of metals, ceramics, and alloys for sputtering targets, evaporation sources, and other PVD materials. Catalog features 150 different standard materials popular in the industry.

Tata Steel
India's largest integrated private sector steel company.

Taylor Steel, Inc.
Processes and sells a full range of flat rolled steel. Hot rolled, cold rolled and coated. Stocks product up to 1/2" thick and up to 72" wide. Plants in Canada and Ohio.

TCT Stainless Steel Inc.
National distributor of stainless steels in heavy or thin gauges, narrow or wide widths, small or large quantities.

Technology Progress Incorporation
Aluminum and magnesium ingot and billet supplier serving Asia.

Tekcast Industries Inc.
High tin, white metal & lead alloys for casting.

Tech Steel & Materials
Tech Steel & Materials, LLC supplies specialty metals to a variety of metalworking customers in the Defense, Aircraft / Aerospace, Marine, Chemical, Electronic and PowerGeneration industries.

Tennessee based producer of aluminum rod & bar. A division of Kaiser Aluminum.

Teuling Staal BV
Netherlands based trader of pipe, fittings, flanges, special forgings and bar material mainly in Duplex and Super Duplex Stainless Steel. Also handles nickel based alloys, titanium and aluminium.

Thai Special Steel Industry PCL
Thailand based producer of steel wire rod and bar in coil products.

Thainox Stainless Public Company Limited
Thailand manufacturer and distributor of cold rolled stainless steel sheets and coils.

Thatcher Alloys Ltd.
Global supplier of copper based alloys suitable for welding applications. Products include chromium zirconium copper, cobalt beryllium copper, copper tungsten, tellurium copper, and OHFC copper used in MIG contact tips, resistance and gas welding.

The Canada Metals Group
Supplier for a broad spectrum of non-ferrous metal products. Specializes in lead, tin, and zinc based alloys and products in many forms. Aluminum, antimony, bismuth, cadmium, copper, manganese, magnesium and silver are also available.

The Channel Corporation
Master distributor of semi-fabricated aluminum mill products. Maintains high inventories of large diameter rod, cold finished bar, 6061 sheet, coil, plate and tread plate. Warehouses on East & West coasts and Midwest for quick delivery.

The Real Wrought Iron Company, LTD.
Supplier of genuine puddled and charcoal wrought iron, based in England. Supplies wrought iron to blacksmiths throughout the world, for use in the restoration of historic ironwork and the construction of high quality commissions. Imperial sizes available.

The William L Bonnell Company, Inc.
North American aluminum extruder with billet casting facilities and fabricated ladder products. Operates eight manufacturing facilities and twenty seven extrusion presses. Serves automotive, building & construction, electrical, and consumer markets.

Thyssen, Inc.
Thyssen North America is a wholly owned subsidiary of ThyssenKrupp and operating service centers across the U.S and Canada. Offers carbon and alloy steel, stainless, copper, brass and aluminum in sheet, plate, rod and bar.

ThyssenKrupp AG
One of the top flat carbon and stainless steel producers in the world and leader in producing nickel-base alloys and titanium products. In addition to its German plants, there are production facilities in the USA, Mexico and Italy.

Tico Titanium, Inc.
More than just a distributor of industrial titanium products. Helps to develop prototype and specialty parts as well as supplying plate, sheet, bar, billet, tube, pipe and forgings, fasteners, fittings and flanges.

Manufacturer of bearings and alloy steels with operations in 25 countries. The world's largest manufacturer of seamless alloy steel tubing. Also produces carbon steel, alloy steel bars, billets and bottom-poured ingots for reforging.

Titan Service Center
Based in Sweden, this is the largest store of titanium in Northern Europe, with a modern, well equipped workshop and invaluable knowledge about materials, options and applications.

Titanex GmbH
Small Zürich, Switzerland based company providing all grades of titanium to the medical, aerospace and chemical industry. Site offers extensive titanium information including specification, characteristics, corrosion resistance, fabrication methods and related links.

Titanium Industries
New Jersey based distributor of titanium and zirconium mill products. Order plate, billet, forgings, bar, sheet, tube, valves, fittings and wire online seven days/week, 24 hours/day through their e-commerce site.

Titanium Metals Corporation (TIMET)
One of the main producers and distributors of titanium products in the world. Produces and distributes slab and castings, ingot, billet, bar, strip, sheet, plate, tube, pipe and fittings globally.

Titanium Mill Products Ltd.
U.K. manufacturers, converters, and stockholders of titanium mill products.

Tosoh Corporation
Japanese producer of fine chemicals, petrochemicals and specialty products including sputtering targets, advanced ceramics, manganese materials and zeolites.

Trans World Alloys
U.S. distributor of titanium, aluminum, nickel, stainless steel, and hi-temp alloys for aerospace and commercial markets. Available in many forms including sheet, plate, bar, rod, tube, extrusions, rings, and special shapes.

Treibacher Industrie AG
Steel foundry products including noble alloys such as ferro vanadium and ferro molybdenum as well as rare earth chemicals, high performance materials, recycling.

German aluminum processing company. The group of European companies is involved in aluminum trading, production and recycling.

TSI Titanium
Producer of high quality titanium mill products for aerospace, commercial and medical users of titanium. In-house rolling, forging, conditioning, grinding and machining capabilities.

TST Inc.
Vertically integrated producer, buyer, trader and processor of aluminum foundry ingot, sow, billet, scrap and dross.

Tube Service Co.
Tube and pipe distributor offering over 4,000 sizes of carbon and alloy steel, stainless steel and aluminum. Facilities in Arizona, California, Colorado, and Oregon.

Tungsten Heavy Powder, Inc.
Recycling and recovery company that buys tungsten heavy alloy scrap of various shapes, sizes or forms and converts it into Tungsten Heavy Powder for powder metallurgy applications. Offers spherical grain, high-density powder from -30 to -200 mesh.

Turret Steel industries Inc.
Distributor of carbon and alloy bar stock serving the U.S., Canada and Mexico. Rounds, squares, flats, round cornered squares, hexagons, billets and blooms are shipped from stocking warehouses.

TW Metals
Formerly TubeSales and Williams & Company. TW metals has over 30 distribution facilities across the U.S., Mexico and Europe offering carbon and alloy steels, stainless and specialty steel , copper, brass, alum. and titanium.

U.S. Steel
America's largest steel producer. Offers a wide range of high quality plate, sheet, tin, and tubular products.

Ulbrich Stainless Steel & Specialty Metals, Inc.
Major US processor and distributor of stainless steel, nickel alloys and hundreds of specialty alloy sheet, foil and strip, bar, plate and wire products.

Umicore Precious Metals
Belgium based precious metals recycling plant specializing in the processing of complex intermediate products from other non-ferrous metal works and end-of-life products containing precious metals, such as electronics, photography and catalysts sectors.

Unalloy Group
Diverse metals distributor offering stainless steel, tool steel, aluminum, builder's hardware and supplies, wire rope & chain and perforated metal.

Unaxis Materials
Manufacturer of an extensive line of high quality coating materials cover all current thin film applications for the data storage, large area coating, optics, and displays segments. Has four manufacturing sites, six bond shops, and over 40 sales offices around the world.

Uniform Tubes, Inc.
UTI is world leader in the design and manufacture of precision miniature tubular products and machined parts utilizing more than 90 metals such as aluminum, copper and nickel alloys, stainless, reactive and precious metals.

Union Steel
Korean steel producer.

United Aluminum
Custom rolled aluminum coil since 1915. Connecticut based specialty rolling mill offers unique rolling, annealing and slitting capabilities for demanding specifications. Produces Deep Draw Quality (DDQ), and close gauge tolerances to ± .0002".

United States Brass & Copper
Leading service center offering an extensive inventory of materials in the widest range of sizes, including aluminum, brass, bronze, beryllium copper, copper and stainless steel. Sheet, coil, bar, rod and tube.

United Steel Service Inc. (UNISERV)
Master distributor offering custom toll processing and slitting of carbon, stainless, electrical, tin plate, aluminum and titanium steels. Distributes structural steels, plate, coil, sheet and rail products.

United Vacuum Materials, Inc.
Specializes in high purity material for sputtering and evaporation. Offering a complete range of metals and ceramics for the microelectronic, display technology, magnetic media, optical, glass and hard coating industries.

Uniti Titanium
Focused on titanium mill products for industrial, automotive and consumer markets. Plate, coil, sheet, bar, billet, welded and seamless tubing.

Brazil based steel manufacturer.

One of the leading producer of stainless steels, special steels and other alloy steels. Based in France, the Usinor Group has over 64,000 employees throughout Europe and abroad. Serves the automotive, construction and mechanical engineering industries.

Valley Metals
Manufactures of high quality, close tolerance, metal tubing for aerospace and industrial applications. Specializing in stainless steel, super alloys, titanium and nickel alloy tubing. Capable of short runs and quick deliveries.

Van Leeuwen Stainless
Netherlands based stocking distributor of stainless steel pipes and tubes, hollow bars, hollow sections, fittings and flanges. Rapid export to international traders, petrochemical and chemical industries, equipment mfgs., & construction companies around the world.

VAW Aluminium AG
Germany's VAW is one of Europe's largest aluminium companies. Products include primary materials, rolled products, flexible packaging and automotive products.

Verkhnaya Salda Metallurgical Production Association
VSMPO, based in Russia, is the world’s largest integrated producer of titanium, aluminum, magnesium and nickel alloys and steels. Does business with more than 260 companies from 39 countries worldwide.

Vincent Metal Goods
One of North America's largest distributors of aluminum, brass and copper, nickel alloys, carbon and alloy steels, and stainless in most for forms.

Vita Needle Company
Manufacturer of stainless steel tubular and wire parts, hypodermic needles & luer adapters. Short run specialists. Stocks hypodermic tubing in both 304 & 316 S/S from 3-36 guage. Fractional, metric and capillary tubing stocked from 1/64" - 1/2" sizes.

Vitta Corporation
Developer and manufacturer of nickel based alloys and materials for specialized metal brazing and glass sealing applications. Offers nickel filler metals in the form of powder, paste, foil, rope and tape. Approved by major aircraft engine manufacturers.

Vizag Steel
India supplier of steel wire rod, bar, angle, channel, beams, rounds and billets. The plant also produces pig iron, granulated slag and coal chemicals.

Voest Alpine
German steelmaker.

Voss Industries
Master distributor and processor of steel coil from 0-30 gauge based in Michigan.

W.H. Coe, Inc.
Distributor of gold leaf products throughout the United States. Offering both domestic and imported 23 karat pure gold leaf products and gilding supplies. Small and large accounts welcome (no minimums). Aluminum leaf and silver leaf also available.

Wall Colmonoy
International supplier of high temperature brazing filler metals, wear-resistant surfacing alloys and application systems. Products are available in powder, rod, paste, tape sheet and wire. NADCAP approved.

Waterbury Rolling Mills
Founded in 1906, Waterbury Rolling Mills is a leading North American manufacturer of high performance, close tolerance, specialty copper based alloy strip. Produces phosphor bronze alloys, nickel silvers, cupro-nickel, tin brasses and high conductivity copper.

WCI Steel, Inc.
Integrated flat-rolled steel producer located in Ohio. Produces a broad range of steel products of over 185 grades. Primarily deals in custom flat-rolled steel products, such as high-carbon, silicon electrical, hot rolled alloy, high-strength, and galvanized steel.

Weirton Steel Corporation
Producer of tin mill, hot-rolled, cold-rolled and galvanized sheet steel products for the building and construction markets all over the world.

WellNet Group
International metal trading and manufacturing of metal products.

Wesgo Metals
Global supplier of high purity precious and non-precious brazing alloys for industry.

Westbury Metals Group
Dealer in precious and non-precious metals in New York. Scrap processing, refining, and brokering services are provided.

Wheeling-Pittsburgh Steel Corporation
The ninth largest steel producer in the United States. Produces 2.4 million tons of flat-rolled carbon steel products annually, including hot and cold-rolled, hot-dipped galvanized, electrogalvanized black plate and electrolytic tinplate.

WHX Corporation
WHX is a holding company structured to acquire and operate a diverse group of industrial businesses including Wheeling-Pittsburgh Steel Corporation, Unimast Incorporated and Handy & Harman.

William Rowland
Raw materials for the metallurgical industr. Metals from aluminium to zinc, ferro alloys for the iron and steel industry and powders for a wide range of applications are available from our Sheffield and Birmingham, England warehouses.

Williams Advanced Materials
Manufacturer of advanced materials solutions for the hybrid microelectronics, optical media and aerospace industries. Products include specialty alloy brazes, solder alloys, bonding wire and ribbon, and coatings.

Windevor Aluminum
Missouri based suppliers of aluminum tubing in aircraft grade, seamless, polished and unpolished 6061-T6 or 6063-T832. Site provides tool for calculating price by length and diameter.

Wolverine Tube
Manufacturer and supplier of industrial copper alloy tube, various fabricated tubular products as well as coil, strip, rod and bar from their Canadian and U.S rolling mills.

Worthington Industries, Inc.
Diversified metal processing company with annual sales of approximately $2 billion. One of the largest steel processors in the U.S. with 59 facilities in 11 countries. The company stamps and processes flat-rolled steel for automotive and other industries.

Wuhan Iron and Steel Group (Wisco)
China based sheet and plate processor with an annual capacity of 7 million tons of iron and steel each.

Wunderlite Reproduction Panels
Manufacturer of decorative pressed metal ceiling panels to replicate the traditional pressed tin tiles found in old houses and historic buildings. The company offers over 30 tile designs and provides free samples and technical support to anyone seeking help with restoration or design projects.

Yarde Metals, Inc.
Distributor and service center with facilities in the New England area. Buy aluminum, carbon steels, copper, brass and stainless in bars, plate, tube, sheet, extrusions and structural forms. Order Online!

Yieh United Steel Corporation (Yusco)
The largest integrated stainless steel mill in Southeast Asia. The steel melting operation has an annual capacity of 1,000,000 metric tons producing stainless steel slabs and billets. Produces hot rolled and cold rolled coils.

ZAPP Group
Specializes in the manufacture and sale of wire, bar, profile, precision sheet and strip made of S/S, carbon steel, titanium, nickel alloys and other specialty metals.

Zimbabwe Iron and Steel Company (Zisco)
State owned iron and steel enterprise in Zimbabwe.

Zinc Corporation of South Africa Limited (Zincor)
Electrolytic zinc plant located in Johannesburg, South Africa. Zincor produces four grades of zinc metal, namely SHG (99.995%), Zn1(99.99%), Zn2(99.95%) and Zn4 (98.5%) for world markets.

Zinc Industrias Nacionales S.A (Zinsa)
Peruvian based non-ferrous metal mfg., that exports zinc oxide, zinc alloys for die casting and galvanizing Zamac, lead, copper alloys and other products to Europe, Asia, Latin America and North America.

Molycorp Minerals
Profile of Molycorp Minerals with history, product information and more.

Company Profile: Glencore International AG
Glencore International AG (Glencore) is involved in the production, marketing and distribution of energy, agricultural and metal commodities. With its head office based in Baar, Switzerland, Glencore and its subsidiaries have operations in 30 countries and over 56,000 employees.

Company Profile: KGHM Polska Miedź S.A.
KGHM Polska Miedź S.A. is one of Poland's largest companies with over 28,000 employees and gross revenues over US$ 3 billion. KGHM operates three mines, Lubin, Rudna and Polkowice-Sierszowice, that produced 426 thousand metric tons of copper and 1200 metric tons of silver in 2010, making it one of the largest copper and silver producers in the...

Company Profile: Anglo American plc
Anglo American plc is one of the world's largest mining and metals companies with over 100,000 employees and an operating profit of over US$ 11 billion in 2011. A member of the FTSE 100 Index, Anglo American owns a 80% stake in Anglo American Platinum, the world's largest platinum producer, and has significant interests in iron ore, manganese,...

Maanshan Iron & Steel Co.,Ltd.
Chinese steel manufacturer.

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